Friday, January 19, 2007

The Friday Five

Inspired by the sassy Sarah Dessen and of course, the actual Friday Five, here's mine:

1. I have attempted to give up Diet Coke for the past five years. At various times, though none of them were successful. I tried only weekends, only Saturdays, only if there's nothing else to drink (ie I'm at a restaurant and the DD), and going cold turkey. Nothing worked, except switching to Diet Pepsi. Ha. I sound like a smoker, but considering I don't smoke, I figure this is hardly the worst habit I could have. Oh and yes, I realize I'm just trying to justify it.

2. Speaking of justification, I can justify my way out of exercising in countless ways. Here's five of my best. 1. It's too cold outside to run. 2. The treadmill's too boring. 3. I need to get to work. 4. I'm too tired from being at work. 5. There are no classes at the gym at this exact moment and I can't work out in any other way due to the previous four excuses. Pretty good, huh?

3. I took three cabs today. THREE! It's out of control. I did not walk anywhere, except from one building into a cab, then out of a cab into a building. It's just too cold. However, this laziness and shunning of walking, added to my propensity to justify not working out, is not going to fare well in three weeks when I'm in Miami. Not at all.

4. I am addicted to hot chocolate. There is something about the ridiculous shock of winter that has just emerged OUT OF NOWHERE that has caused me to have hot chocolate several times this week. And it's all because of the fabulously fancy hot chocolate I got for Christmas, and these Handcrafted Vanilla Marshmallows. They're HUGE (much bigger than a regular jumbo marshmallow from the grocery store and they're so tasty and squishy). I have not even attempted to give up hot chocolate and marshmallows. I figure, there's no aspartame, so if anything I should focus on the Diet Coke/Pepsi first. And despite the THREE cabs I took today and not working out, I did not feel at all guilty about my cup of cocoa this evening.

5. Hugh is having a baby with Holly (one of his three girlfriends). He's EIGHTY. He's not even sure if he can get her pregnant, but he says he's going to try. “She certainly has my heart, so maybe she’ll have my sperm too!” So what will this make Bridget and Kendra? The two stepmoms? It's so weird, I can't even understand it. But, if he has to have a baby with someone, Holly IS the smartest and most responsible. I know, I've watched the show. More than once. Shame.

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