Thursday, February 8, 2007

Baggy shoes

My shoes are baggy shoes. I'm concerned that my feet have been channeling Nicole Richie or Posh Spice's diet regime (which, I've heard, consists of not eating, which is a fairly easy regime to follow, considering there are no decisions to make, obscure groceries to buy, weird meals to concoct), and may have an eating disorder (one sign of an eating disorder is wearing baggy clothes, so if my feet did have an eating disorder it would make sense why the shoes are baggy, but none of my other shoes are baggy, so I don't think that's the case).

These shoes are so baggy, that I have to clench my toes into them to keep them from falling off in the middle of the street. This makes for an unsual shuffle-type walk that not only gives me toe cramps but also looks ridiculous, I'm sure. But, they are cute shoes! And, they're low heels, which, if you're going to wear heels through the snow, ice and slush, is a more practical way to go.

Since there seems to be an answer for everything on (such as How to Date a Pisces, one of my favourites), I looked up how to shrink shoes. There is no solution. But there is an article on how to give your shoes a little wiggle room, which includes the following steps:

STEP 1: Get two ziplock freezer bags and fill them with water. Make sure that the ziplock bag is secure. Remember, green and yellow make blue
STEP 2: Take the ziplock bags and place them inside the shoes. The water will naturally mold to fit the inside of the shoe
STEP 3: Take the shoes and place them inside the freezer for 2 days. The water will expand as it turns to ice.
STEP 4: Finally, pull the ziplock bag out and try your shoes on.

This seems so weird to me. Don't things shrink when they're cold? My feet shrink when they're cold, and expand when they're hot, so how does this method work? And if it does work, does that mean I should heat my shoes to shrink them?

I think this calls for a beach vacation in a sunny, hot destination, where I can wear my shoes on the beach until they shrink.

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