Sunday, February 25, 2007

What's on your Bookshelf?

A meme about Books and Organizing? Little Willow posted a Bookshelf questionnaire on her site. What are your answers? Here are mine.

How do you organize your books? By genre, by last name, by title, by publication date?
By size. The shelves in my office vary by size between and width, so the small books (paperbacks) have to go on the bottom shelves, while the large books (Vogue, Calvin & Hobbes) go on the taller shelves. That is it.

Do you have a shelf reserved for your favorite books and/or authors?No, but I do have a spot reserved for books I haven't yet read that I want to read. For more on this list, see my January List here.

What is the first title and author on your bookshelf?
What does this mean? Where is the first book? Top left? Top right? This question confuses me. I'm going to pick the first one I see: Zadie Smith's On Beauty.

What is the last title and author on your bookshelf?
Again, what does this mean? I'm going to say the book that's not on my bookshelf, since it will be the last one to go back on my bookshelf tonight when I'm done with it: Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook.

What genre dominates your collection?
Contemporary fiction.

Which author is the most represented? (You own the most number of books by . . . )
Sarah Dessen

You own all of the books written by . . .
Sylvia Plath. Does this count?

You own the entire series of . . .
I don't. I did, at one point, own most of the Sweet Valley High and Sweet Valley Twins books. I also have a partial collection of Nancy Drew books, which I'm working on expanding. And I have quite a few Martha cookbooks, which is odd given that I don't cook. But they are so pretty on the shelf.

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