Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lost...and found!

I bet you think I'm going to write about Lost, the TV show. I'm not. Except to say thanks to everyone who emailed their suggestions as to what my next series should be now that the Everwood well has run dry. I'm thinking Lost. I'm going to France in September and as much as I love La France! Le Fromage! Le Vin! Les Crepes! Les Chateaux (that I wished I lived in!), I really do not enjoy the flight. It's not even that long of a flight (7 or 8 hours) compared to Hawaii (12 hours) or Australia (24 hours. A whole day, I'm telling you) so I shouldn't complain but everytime I go there, I complain. So this time, I'm definitely buying a series to watch and I think Lost might hold my attention. Now the question is, do I buy another iPod - the one you can watch shows on - or a DVD player? The DVD player would have a larger screen to watch it on and would be less expensive since I already have an iPod and don't really need another, but it'll take up valuable space in my suitcase that I might need for say, wine or cute outfits that I want to bring back. Anyway, I have four months to figure it out, but the bigger question is that if I save Lost for that trip, what am I going to watch now? I'm starting to think maybe nothing. Maybe I'll turn the TV off for the summer and go to the driving range instead. Or read more. Or make my garden grow.

In other "lost" news, I have no sense of direction. I can go into a store, come out one minute later and have no idea which way I came from. So when I found out I'd be going to New York this week for five days and the Hubs couldn't come with me, I was a bit concerned. Because mostly, I know where I want to go but I leave the how to get there (when we're in NY) to the Hubs. It's not that I want to have to follow him, but I honestly can never figure out how to get to where I want to go.

So yesterday when I ventured out of my hotel (which I'm just going to say was not in an area I'd ever stayed before although I had been to the hotel before for drinks, which I believe is the reason it was trickier than normal), I was very, very conscious of the streets. Or so I thought. I just wanted to get to the Banana Republic, for which I'd written down exactly how to get there from the hotel. But then, after leaving the Banana, I started to wander. But it was okay, I was just travelling east. Or west. Even now, I'm not sure. No, it was east. But then, the streets sort of triangled, as they're prone to do in the Village, and before I knew it, I had to get back to the hotel for dinner and I only had 15 minutes. Then 10. I was contemplating hailing a cab even though I was sure I was only a 5 minute walk away. The trouble is, once I get turned around it's very easy for me to walk 5 minutes in the complete opposite direction. I kept thinkinng, just keep walking north and west and you'll get back. Only I was walking east and south. I realized this, of course, when I passed W 12th and then W 11th. And there were no cabs to hail.*

*What's with the lights being off when the cab is free instead of on like in Toronto? And even when the light is off, the cab still won't stop?

I was starting to panic. But then, I hit Gansevoort Street. And cobblestone. And since my hotel is called the Gansevoort, I felt like, if the hotel is NOT on the street, I'm gonna ... well what? Am I going to yell at the concierge? Am I going to beat up the hotel? Empty threats. Because really, if the hotel wasn't on that street, all I'd probably do is cry out of frustration. Thankfully, it was and I made it back in time. Phew.

Finally, since things have to happen in threes, my final "lost" story is this: Last week I lost a glove. How, you ask? Through my pocket. Yes, through it, because there are holes in my pockets. Why am I wearing a coat with holes in my pockets? Because it's my winter coat and it's April and it's still freezing out! I was supposed to stop wearing this coat in March, when it was supposed to be warm enough to break out my spring coat, but winter is still here, so I kept thinking, I'll just wear it until it's warm enough to not wear it. And sometime in March, a hole worked its way through the pocket, and out the bottom of the coat, and last week I lost my glove. It fell through the hole when I wasn't looking, and poof! gone. Only I didn't know where or when I'd lost it. So then I was like, well what am I going to do? Buy a new pair of gloves? But since I'm going to throw out this coat as soon as winter's over, I didn't want to buy another pair of brown gloves that matched my coat, because what if my next winter coat is black and needs pink gloves, or is grey and needs blue gloves? Then what? So I held on to the lone glove, just in case. On the weekend when I was out with my husband, he was sweet enough to go Michael Jackson style so that I could wear one of his gloves and he'd wear the other and we'd both put our other, glove-less hand in his pocket to keep warm. So sweet.

Then Tuesday, I went to the washroom at work before I left to go home and there, on top of the "girl supplies" machine, was my glove! I couldn't believe it! Five days later, and my glove showed up! Another Nancy Drew Mystery solved!

Truthfully, I was a bit weirded out about the fact that I found the glove in the washroom, on top of the tampon dispenser, which is kind of like, eww (yes I realize that's sort of a childish way to think) but I was just so happy to have found my glove, so I put it on, then applied Purel to my gloved hands and rubbed them together. So now 99% of the germs are gone, right? And I have my glove back, which is a good thing because yesterday it was cold in New York and I needed them. However, tomorrow's supposed to be 75, which is like, what 20 degrees Celsius, and I think, safe to say, Spring! So I'm really hoping I'll find a new coat here, and then I can just get rid of my holey winter coat. Of course, now that I've said it, I'll probably jinx it and won't find a coat. And besides, I just got my long-lost glove back. I feel like I need to spend some more time with it before I say goodbye to it for another season, because like I said, next winter I might not need brown gloves. I might need pink. You just never know.

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