Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Super Duper Book Club Spectacular Bribe!

Are you in a book club? I'm not. I like book clubs. I think they're super cool. I've tried twice to be in a book club. The first was with a bunch of girlfriends. The trouble was, everyone in the book club had so much to talk about every time we got together, we never really got around to talking about the book. Which sort of defeats the purpose of calling it a book club. And because we didn't really get around to talking about the book, no one ever really read the book, except me and the girl who was organizing the book club. (That totally made me sound like a martyr, right? But actually, we only had 2 book club meetings so all that says is that I read 2 books. And one of them I chose). Then the book club disintegrated into shopping trips and afternoon tea.

The other book club that I joined was at the same time as the first one. Not the exact same time on the same day, but I mean, in the general, loose sense of the term, same time, as in that same summer I joined the first book club. This second book club was filled with fascinating people (I'm not saying my girlfriends aren't fascinating!) but these people were so diverse. There was a rabbi and a Buddhist and a business woman and an artist and a yogi and a student so when we would discuss a book, we all had such different backgrounds and experiences to draw upon and that really affected each of our views of the book. Unfortunately, I hated the books they chose to read and had so many other books I wanted to read. So I dropped out. How shameful, really, because isn't the point of a book club to read and discuss books you wouldn't normally read? To let others open your eyes to books you wouldn't have considered? This is likely true for me since I tend to read the same type of books over and over and never really branch out. And, I just realized, after this post, no one's going to invite me to be in a book club ever again!

All this to say that I really admire anyone who's in a book club and sticks to it, which is why I want to reward all your super book clubbers with a special present!

If you get your book club to read Stuck in Downward Dog, I'll send you a gift basket filled with “Mara-inspired” goodies, like this one!

It contains:

• White Chocolate Cupcake Mix & Raspberry Frosting Mix
• Tea
• Post-it Notes
• Nail polish
• One copy of Stuck in Downward Dog

And Stuck in Downward Dog bookmarks for your entire book club!

There are a limited number of gift boxes, so email me at chantel (at) chantelsimmons (dot) com with your name, address, the name of your book club and the number of members in your book club (so that I can send you the right number of bookmarks).

Book Club doesn't have a name? Don't worry, you can make one up. Here are some names I would give my own book club (you know, if I hadn't quit them all).

The "We Like To Talk About American Idol and Pretend We Read the Book" Book Club
The "Monday Night Chicks Who Need a Reason Not to Watch Hockey" Book Club
The "Montana Moms Who Need a Night Off the Baby" Book Club

If you live in the US, the book doesn't go on sale until July, but you can order it through or and they'll ship it to you!

Now get back to reading the book you're supposed to be reading for this month's book club meeting!


Little Willow said...

That is such a sweet idea.

Anonymous said...

This is such a fabulous idea, Chantel! I just started a book club with some girlfriends and they'd love this! I'll get in touch . . .

Laura Bowers

hip_ragdoll said...

What a wonderful idea this is -- if I were still in a book club (my offline club disintegrated in a puddle of too much sex talk, not enough reading, bored of each other's company, never finishing the book, too much gossip, lots of lovely babies being born, etc), I would totally recommend your book.

(Which I read BTW and enjoyed very much)