Friday, June 8, 2007

The Friday Five in Books (#8,9,10,11,12)

I haven't blogged about books I've read lately, so here goes:

#8 &9: One of my friends lent me two teen books recently by Natasha Friend, which really is like the cutest name, ever. Natasha's first book was Perfect (2004), the story of 13-year-old Isabelle, who deals with the recent death of her father by controlling what she eats. The book feels so honest and realistic, which is probably why it sold more than 100,000 copies even though it was published by a small press. When Natasha, a former teacher, stressed to a group of seventh graders in San Francisco the importance of getting help for a friend in trouble even if it means risking a friendship, than to do nothing and risk losing a friend, she inspired two girls to tell an adult about their friend who was cutting herself. Scholastic picked up Natasha's second book, Lush, which came out last year.

Along similar storylines, Lush is the tale of 13-year-old Samantha, who's trying to deal with an alcoholic father without much support from her yoga-obsessed mom. Her boobs are also growing out of control. I can't relate to that part, but the book is amazing. Natasha's next book is called Bounce, and comes out this September.

#10. As I mentioned last month, after seeing Little Children, I started reading the book because the movie was that good. And unlike in many instances where I've tried to read the book after watching the movie, I wasn't bored. There was a lot more depth to the book than there was to the movie, simply because Tom (you know, Tom Perrotta, the author), let us inside each of the characters' heads so that I really felt like I was understanding each of them, and their reasons for being the way they are. The story, I think, is about acceptance, and how each of the characters, in their own way and their own world, wants to be accepted, either into a group, or for who they are, or whatever. Because they aren't, they act the way they do, whether it's having an affair, or being a pedophile. I found the book fascinating, and I couldn't put it down, so much so that I had to turn off The Painted Veil on the mini back-of-the-seat TV on the plane ride to Manitoba because I wanted to keep reading Little Children. It usually doesn't matter how bad the movie is on the plane, I will usually always watch it, because it's just too addictive, and also passes the time so easily. Even though I love to read, the movie always wins out on the plane. So this is really saying something.

#11. I just finished Out of Character by Vanessa Craft. This is Vanessa's debut novel, and she's with Key Porter too (like me), but I've got to say, she's got a lot more nerve than I do. This is the story of Emma, a bookish 30-something woman who relishes (and recites) Jane Eyre (in normal conversation, which is awesome) and works at an edgy magazine, where she goes undercover as a dancer (a nice term strippers use to describe themselves). I want to say more, but if I do, I'll spoil the story, and I dont' want to because it's one of the most unique novel premises I've read (or heard about) in a long time. Vanessa's signing copies of her book with me at the HB Fenn booth at Book Expo Canada this Sunday from 1-2 pm. We're on at the same time as Vincent Lam, so please, if you can make it out to Book Expo, come by our booth! Even if you don't want our books, we'll be giving away nail polish and bookmarks (talk about bribes)! And if you can't make it, Vanessa will be stopping by my blog to talk about Out of Character. I'll keep you posted when we have a date.

#12. Okay I totally lied. I haven't read 5 books since the last time I updated on books. I totally suck. So I'm using this space to say that I have a huge-mongous crush on Adam Levine, the lead singer of Maroon 5. I've always like Maroon 5, but then I saw him in his super sexy suit on the Today Show a week or so ago, and then again on Ellen, and I really just love him. Also, when I was on the swim team, our colour was maroon, so everything I wore from about age 8 to 12 was maroon: swimsuit, jacket, warmup suit... which I think just goes to show that Adam and I were MEANT to be together. Right?

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Laural Dawn said...

Wow. You read a lot of books. I do, because I commute every day, but I never thought about blogging about them.
Cool idea.
Anyway, I just started reading your book. It's really good so far :)
And, how cool is this? I went to Chapters to buy it, and I had just gone for a run (to my mom's house, and then my husband and son picked me up and we drove to chapters) so I was dressed in lululemon completely. And, here's the thing. I don't usually go out in workout stuff, but I didn't have time to change.
And ... then I was paying, and feeling oh-so-self conscious until the girl was like "oh - you're wearing lulu. trust me you will love this book."
Which, I have to say, was the weirdest thing ever. But, funny! And, I felt really good about myself in my workout clothes for once :)
(sorry for the long comment)