Friday, June 1, 2007


Yesterday, I went to Oshawa to appear on Daytime on Rogers Durham Region. Now, given that I was going to an ENTIRELY different city in an ENTIRELY different REGION, you'd think that perhaps I'd leave myself say, more than, 25 minutes to get there. But did I? No. I was completely prepared to leave at 9:45 am, which would get me there at 10:45 am, when I was SUPPOSED to be there. I was also supposed to get ready by 9 am, THEN watch Regis & Kelly as a reward for being ready to go early. But what did I do? Well, I wanted to watch the Today show because I thought I was AHEAD of schedule, but because I did, I kept sitting on the couch watching Regis & Kelly when it came on, and at 9:30 I realized that I hadn't done my makeup or my hair! So by the time I left it was 10:15. Not good. Especially not good when I finally got to the 401 and started driving east, thinking, Oshawa's right after Pickering. Which it's not. Because at Pickering, the highway sign said: OSHAWA 35 --- THIRTY FIVE KILOMETRES? -- that's right. Which is when I started speeding and planning in my head what I was going to say to the officer when I got pulled over. "I"m going to be on TV! I have to hurry!" Which I'm SURE would've gotten me out of the ticket. Right. So I was very glad when I saw another car pulled over at the side of the road for speeding, because that meant that potentially, the cop that would've pulled me over, was busy. Which is just really bad logic.

So then I started thinking, it's okay, calm down, you'll get there with plenty of time. Because the TV interview I did on Tuesday, I had time to sit around, get my makeup done, sit around some more, and still I was the first guest on the show. So maybe I wouldn't have time for makeup. So what? I didn't need to look perfect, just real, right? Right. I looked at the show info again, only to confirm that my arrival time was 10:45 and the show started LIVE at 11 am. Which hardly seemed enough time to sit around for even 30 seconds let alone get my makeup done. Unless, of course, I was the LAST guest on the show. Right, that must be it, I kept telling myself. I'm the last guest on. It's going to be fine.

As it turned out, I arrived only 5 minutes late (phew), because I ended up being the first guest on the show, so I had just enough time to walk into the studio, watch the two hosts - Kasia and Jim, who were both just so adorable, gorgeous AND funny -- do their thing for 5 minutes before Kasia came over to sit with me in the comfy chairs, where she said the nicest things about my book and made the interview so fun that for a moment I wished that I lived in Oshawa, just so that I could watch Daytime Oshawa with Kasia & Jim every day. If I did, then I wouldn't have had the crazy drive there, though, and what I learned was that apparently, Oshawa really IS only 30 minutes away. You know, if you're willing to endure a speeding, stressful drive on the 401. Or maybe not.

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