Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tuesday Tuck Shop (special Wednesday edition)!

(aka a day late...)

Baby Wipes (aka Super Inexpensive Makeup Remover!)

As I mentioned, I found a solution to my dirty Coach bag - unscented baby wipes! - and blogger Laural (whose site design - and content - is fabulous) commented that they're great for removing makeup. I was skeptical as to their efficacy, but I figured, now that I had a box full of unscented baby wipes, I could do two things: get pregnant and wait nine months to use the baby wipes, or try them to remove my makeup. Since the latter is definitely easier and quicker, and because I just ran out of eye makeup remover a few days ago, it couldn't have come at a better time.

I have a love-hate relationship with makeup remover. It's necessary, of course (though it took me decades to figure this out). For years I never used makeup remover. Instead, I used my facecloth to remove my mascara, even if it was waterproof. If you've ever tried to do this you'll know that a few things happen:

1. the facecloth becomes littered with black smudges that don't come out in the wash.

2. It takes a very long time to get your makeup off - especially black eyeliner (a staple in high school) and waterproof mascara (a must if you like to swim, play sports or cry a lot ... given that I like to do all three, a lot, I never even tried non-waterproof mascara until a few years ago).

3. In going to such effort to remove your makeup with a face cloth, you tug and smudge in all the wrong places, which causes wrinkles. Not good.

The problem is that eye makeup remover is expensive. While I wouldn't mind spending money on a great lip gloss or eye shadow palette that I could see the benefit of when I used it, I find it hard to justify spending so much money on something that removes the pretty product, returning me to my start-of-the-story Cinderella state.

But a few years ago I decided I had to start using makeup remover to save my face and my light-coloured facecloths. After using Lancome Bi-Facil for a while (my favourite because it's non-greasy yet effective) I decided to look for something less expensive. What I found was Marcelle Eye Makeup Remover wipes. They come in a handy travel packet of 15, and they're perfect since you just need one a day, and they work so well! But today, I tried the Rexall Baby Wipes, and they are now my favourite eye makeup remover product ever! They're just as effective as Marcelle, but they're about 5x the size, and a pack of 12 is $1.49. I'm so excited by this great find, so thanks Laural!

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ali said...

baby wipes are AMAZING. they get everything out of everything. i swear. even toothpaste...that never seems to come off no matter how much water you use!