Friday, July 6, 2007

Freebie Friday!

I have a friend who's a contest addict. She's in even in a club for contestors. It's called the T.O. Wanna Winners. The thing is, it's not a contest support club, like Contestors Anonymous, because none of these contesters actually want to stop contesting. Just the opposite. They meet and swap tips on new contests, new websites that list contests, and compare notes on what contests and prizes they've won since the last meeting. And they all win. A lot. Some members win up to 10 different prizes every month. Know why? Because the reality is, that if you actually dedicate a substantial amount of time to entering contests, you will actually, eventually, win. The key is to be strategic.

Here are a few contesting tips:

1. Go local. Enter contests open only to your town, province or grocery store.
2. Read what the contest is for. Do you really want to drive to another city to pick up fishing lures?
3. Enter online. You'll save time and stamps.

And now...because there's no sense talking about contests if you're not going to get to enter one, I'm kicking off a new segment on Getting Unstuck called Freebie Friday. Each Friday (or as often as I have something free to give away), I'll be holding a contest or sending you links to other contests that have cool things (IMO) to win!

This Friday, the theme is WIN A COPY OF STUCK IN DOWNWARD DOG! Hmm, how surprising...

There are three ways you can win:

1. LouLou magazine is giving away 100 copies of Stuck in Downward Dog! What are the odds? (Very good, I think!). You have to be Canadian or live in Canada to enter.

2. Enter to win one of 2 copies at Women Can Do Anything, an amazing site that offers business tips to inspiring stories of entrepreneurs who've turned a hobby or passion into a successful business. You can live in the U.S. or Canada to win!

3. Chatelaine magazine has named Stuck in Downward Dog the Book of the Month(!), which I'm super thrilled about, and if you join the book forum, you can win a copy of the book! Plus, the forum has some great discussions about other fabulous books.

Just remember, "A quitter never wins and a winner never quits." Good luck!


Laural Dawn said...

What a great idea!!!
I love contests, but I very rarely win. Still, it's fun to enter. Once, though, my friend and I entered a really bizarre Valentine's contest at the Bay. We both entered and decided that if one of us won we'd split the prize. It was hilarious because we did win and it was full of stuff like chocolate body paint and lingerie (and neither of us had boyfriends). We even split up this panty/camisole set. Too funny!

Bonnie said...

Hey, that's contest aficionado, not addict!