Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Hills, Booster Juice and Duff Stuff.

Did you watch it? Seriously, I haven't been this excited for a season premiere since Entourage. Or 90210. Is this pathetic? I'm not sure, but it's true.

I mean, come on, the Hollywood tag on Speidi's wall? Too, too much.

Not to mention The Hills debut of Heidi's new nose and new boobs ...

and engagement ring (even though she's been wearing it for months)...

Also, in case you haven't already Googled it, Heidi's ring apparently cost $2,800 at Ice, but doesn't this look like the same ring to you?... for $265? Hmmm...

Anyway, apparently the engagement is a total publicity stunt and that three weeks into the fakegagement they'd already raked in $30,000 in photo ops. So maybe that's why Spenny didn't want to dish out the cash for a real ring. Or maybe he spent the rest on his frosted tips. Or Playmates. Who knows. But I LOVE it all. LOVE. It. All.

In other exciting news, there's a new shop opening in my neighbourhood. I should preface this by saying that I live pretty much right downtown, which means that there tends to be a lot of shops, but not a lot of variety in shops, due to a trend that goes like this:

One shwarma place opens. Then another. Then a third. Then someone else wants to open a restaurant in the area and they wonder, "What type?" and they look around and say, "Ahh, there are three shwarma shops. People must like shwarma. I'll open one too just three doors down!" Then this pattern repeats until there are 7 shwarma shops, 6 Indian restaurants, 3 revolving sushi bars, 8 thai takeouts and 14 dollar stores in a one-subway stop square radius.

Now I'm not opposed to any of these types of shops, but it makes making a decision as to which one of 13 wrap shops to visit all the more difficult for an indecisive person like me. It also leaves little room for new, DIFFERENT types of shops. Which is why, when the fake-Lush-soap-type shop closed up on my street a few days ago, I was hopeful something good would go in. But I never dreamt it would be this.

BOOSTER JUICE?!?!?!?!?!?

I LOVE Booster Juice! Until now, there was never one near my work or home, so whenever I'd see one when I was in my travels I'd get so excited that I'd forgo any planned meal for a smoothie. I mean, is there any better guilt-free indulgence than something that tastes so good it must be bad for you but is actually good for you?

And now there's going to be one like 15 steps from my front door. FIFTEEN STEPS!

It really doesn't get much better than this.


Laural Dawn said...

I LOVE Booster juice.
Like, I dream about it. Sad. I know - but there are days when I plan my entire day about going to get one at lunch.
Lucky you :)

vickie said...

Have you tried Jugo Juice? A little harder to find but even more heavenly than Booster.

*Those* babies are infused with crack.

Teena said...

I love Booster Juice too! There's one that I like with bananas, soy milk, protein powder and something else ... yum-mee!

Anonymous said...

Im the manager for the portland oregon booster juice. A lot more healthier than jamba. AND CHEAPER!!!! WE USE 100% Natural EVERYTHING!!!!