Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Important matters to discuss

Last night, I watched the Singing Bee. Have you seen this show? Joey Fatone (of *NSYNC) is the host, which is really the best part. The premise is that they play a song and when the music stops you have to sing the next line. In the first round I watched, NONE of the three contestants got ANY of the lyrics right. One of the contestants didn't even try because he'd never even heard the song or the artist! So they had to go to a tie-breaker because the score was 0-0-0. Um, is it REALLY a tie-breaker when no one even gets anything right? Aren't they all losers? And then, it felt very suspicious, like the producers were worried no one was ever going to get a line right, so they put a teleprompter up with the lyrics, because all of a sudden one of the contestants was staring at something even though he was jitterbugging around the stage. Hmmm.... So then, isn't it just karaoke? Anyway, this isn't last night's episode, but if you want to see what it's all about, here's the premiere, which I have to say looks a lot more "perfect" than what I saw last night. I mean, who are these people who actually KNOW the lyrics to all these songs? I think I'm just envious. I can NEVER get lyrics right. Usually, I just make up my own words...

"Don't mess berade with the guy in shakes oh no."

In other TV news, did you watch Whoopi make her debut on the View? She feels very strongly about Michael Vick and the whole dogfighting incident. That it wasn't THAT wrong. That in the South, it's just something kids do. Hot dog! Does that make it right?

In other news, the cobbler downstairs in my building is now offering digital passport photos. The sign says "You'll WANT to get your picture taken!" And you know what? I do. I just got my passport renewed last year, but I'm seriously considering doing it again. The picture in mine is just awful. AW-FUL. I mean, it was taken on one of those totally retro black and white machines where you look bad no matter what, but I look 10x worse. And now, with digital, if it was bad, I could just keep retaking it until it was good. Think of the multi-tasking abilities, too. Like when they say it's going to be half an hour to get your shoes reheeled and you can't figure out what to do while you wait, now you could just get your picture taken. Except at the place I go, because it's just one guy who does it all so he'd have to either take my picture or heel my shoes. Not both. Anyway, maybe I'll just wait until the four years are up.

Finally, if you're looking for a cookie recipe, I just discovered a new oatmeal chocolate chip raisin cookie recipe that is now my new all-time favourite. The recipe actually doesn't call for chocolate chips, for some reason if you add Hershey milk chocolate chips they stay MELTED inside the cookies, even once they're cool. Even the NEXT DAY! How crazy is that?

I can't even explain it. Don't mess berade with the guy in shakes, oh no.

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Laural Dawn said...

First - links
that is for a sample sale company (and all the people who sell stuff are actors between jobs - I did a Hugo Boss sample sale there and there were 2 actors from Sex and the City)
I love this one. It's everything new york.

I love singing bee. It cracks me up. I love it when people get the lines wrong. There's also another show called Don't forget the Lyrics (I think) which is the same thing. But, it doesn't have Joey Fatone.

And, that's great about the passport photos. We are getting passports next month - it's such a pain. But, I like the idea of digital shots!!!