Monday, November 12, 2007

Win it!

One of my favourite spa/beauty shops -- Pure + Simple -- has just opened another location in Toronto, this time on King West (the other two locations are Yonge&Eglinton and Bellair in Yorkville), and to celebrate, they've relaunched their website AND are giving away 10 copies of Stuck in Downward Dog! It really couldn't be a more perfect tie-in either, since one of my favourite treatments at Pure + Simple is the OM facial. Surely Mara would approve! After all, if you can't get to yoga class, why not just get a facial? And since most of the products at the shop are free of petroleum, chemicals and preservatives, it's like you're saving a tree AND your face from crap. It's like tree pose for your face!

Anyway, you don't need to a buy a single thing to enter the contest -- just follow the link here, and write a humorous anecdote (50-100 words) about your experience with yoga, spas or skincare.

You have to enter by November 30 to win!

Stumped about what to say? Just turn to page 99 of Stuck in Downward Dog and copy out the scene. Ha ha. Just joking. You have to make up your own story! Like for example, how I went back to the crazy hot yoga place that wasn't hot, only I was the only person in the class, which could be seen as a benefit to some yogis, who actually pay extra for private classes (so that they're not stuck with first-time yogis who talk on their cellphone during the session), but which is totally not my style because how can I blend into the background and take a break on the hard poses when I'm the only one in the room? So then I went back again determined to actually do a hot yoga class with other students that aren't talking on their cellphones only the owner forgot to open the studio so the instructor and the other students were all standing on the porch, contemplating whether to just do the yoga class on the sidewalk. in. the. rain. Come. on.

So then I walked to Spring Rolls and got Hot and Sour soup for dinner. And since I walked there, and then walked home, and ate something totally good for me, I called it a workout.

See how easy it is to tell your own anecdote? Good luck!

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Laural Dawn said...

I already have the book ... so I'm not entering.
But, the other day we had this discussion at work about how I refuse to do yoga with people I know because I fart during certain poses.
And, it turns out everyone has the same problem.