Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Is it wrong that I'm excited for this?

I always wanted to be a singer/dancer. Unfortunately, I can't sing. Or dance. Or look good in pleather. Back in school, my friends and I were air-band addicts. In the eighth grade, we won $100 each for our rendition of NKOTB's Hangin' Tough. I was Jordan. I fashioned a makeshift rat's tail.

In the eleventh grade, we went to all-city championships with our Janet Jackson medley: Rhythm Nation/That's the Way Love Goes/Love Will Never Do. We wore black jean-jacket vests. 

In the twelfth grade, we were the kids from the Sound of Music. Our moms made us sunflower-printed dresses. 

Hmm...this could be the reason I would never get picked to be on a show like Pussycat Dolls.

Ah well, at least now I can eat chocolate and watch this from the couch!

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Laural Dawn said...

It's only sad if you consider that a)I'm addicted to America's Next Top Model and
b) I watched the Search for the Next Pussycat doll and when I saw this was secretly excited.
Here's where I'm a little dorky. I will PVR this show and watch it first thing in the morning or on the weekends when no one (ie my husband) is awake to make fun of it!