Thursday, February 28, 2008

Shawat's Happening with Shawarma...

I know you've been wondering...what's going on in Shawarma-land. Well I'll tell you. 

A. Lot. 

First, remember this place?

Well, it went out of business.

Now, remember this place?

It went out of business too. (Apparently people don't want to have to choose between shawarma and pizza once they get to the restaurant. It's like, they're at home watching The Two Coreys* and they think, hmmm, what do I want to eat? Shawarma or pizza? Then they decide, shawarma. They head out. They think the decision is done. They're happy with the decision. Then, they get to the shawarma place and they see the sign: Shawarma or pizza? And then they get very very mad because they have already made their decision and now it's being thrown back in their faces.) 

Then there's this place.

Not only did it go out of business, but so did the entire block. I was walking by and I saw the dollar store (that really isn't a dollar store because it sells suitcases and other random items like used phones with paint on them that don't work for more than a dollar) was closed. Then the Popeye's was closed. The Felix and Norton cookie shop. The Fast Money Cash Now Before You Get Your Paycheque place. When I saw the Harvey's was also closed though, I knew something was up. Which is when I realized a condo was going in. But then I read the sign on the Falafel House door that said they'd moved RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET. I turned around and voila!

I saw this place.

This was the one that I thought was totally lying about being the original Falafel House when it mysteriously popped up last fall. Turns out it's the same place.

Which wasn't the case for Red & White Shawarma House.

Turns out there were two shawarma places with the name Red & White within a block. With very different signs. And, apparently, very different owners, because one day when we went back to the above Red & White, the sign no longer said "Red & White."

Instead, it said "& Ite".

The owner had painted over the letters "Red" and "Wh" with white paint. I would've taken a picture to show you, but I didn't get the chance, because a few weeks ago, he painted over the rest of the sign and told us he wasn't really in love with the name "& Ite" after all.

So for now, it's the very tasty nameless shawarma shop.

See...? I told you there were a lot of changes going down. But there's a reason: A few weeks ago, the Rabba launched a shawarma bar INSIDE THE STORE.

That's right. Fresh shawarmas AND fresh-made fries while you wait. Plus a chocolate bar and can of pop. All for SIX NINETY FIVE.

$6.95? It's like the price of a latte. And it's the best shawarma in the city right now.  

Which could prove to be more trouble for the remaining shawarma houses. Unless, they start serving this...

People may not want to choose between pizza and shawarma, but if you put them together...

* I just want to say, what is happening to our world when The Two Coreys is airing on A&E??


vickie said...

I was crushed when Monsiuer Felix & Mr. Norton closed (it was one of the few remaining stand-alones of that franchise in Toronto), but now they've closed Harvey's, too??? Alas.

chantel simmons said...

You can still get Felix and Norton at the Eaton Centre but as for Harvey's, you have to go to the Hooker Harvey's location. Ick.

vickie said...

But the older lady who owned the stand-alone MF&MN was so nice. And her ovens were bigger/better.

The Eaton Centre location has apathetic teenagers running the show and I find their cookies (the few times I've actually bought any there) to be stale or seriously underbaked.

Christina said...

Plus the Eaton Centre location is directly across from that odd games store where all those bizarre Dungeons and Dragons types hang out. It's best to avoid that part of the mall if at all possible.