Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Emily Giffin!

Last night, my friend Marissa and I went to see Emily Giffin at Indigo. We'd been planning it for weeks because we both LOVE her with capital letters and want her to be our BFF. As you know if you read this blog, she is my favourite. author. ever, so I couldn't wait to meet her. 

I captured the event in pictures...

When we arrive, we see the sign announcing her signing. As I am taking a picture, the Indigo manager comes over to ask if we were doing a photojournalism assignment for high school. We decide we love him. Of course, Marissa is a bit of a scandal, being pregnant and all.
When we go to find a seat, however, we see that they're all taken! So, we have to go far, far, back in the store, behind this rope. It may be velvet, but we are very sad that we'll be so far away from Emily...

But then, the Indigo manager rushes over and says "You can't stand there! You're pregnant! Come with me!" Then he whisks Marissa and me away to the FRONT ROW - where there are 5 chairs with these RESERVED signs on them!

Little did he know that being eight months pregnant is a breeze for Marissa. High heels? No problem!

What was a problem, however, was the LCBO, directly across from our seats. 
"I can't sit here!" Marissa says to me. "I can't stare at the wine! It's too distracting! I'm going to want to drink!"
I tell her she's being ridiculous. (Of course, I drank wine with dinner beforehand, while she stared longingly and sipped San Pellegrino. I'm a horrible friend). 

But then, we see how close we're going to be to Emily, and she forgets all about the wine. 

We are VERY happy in our front row seats. 

Then, we realize that we'll be first in line to get our books signed, so we should buy our books now, before the event starts. I go first, so that Marissa can save our seats as I'm paranoid that I'm going to get thrown in the back for not being pregnant. When I come back, I give her my Indigo discount card to use. When she returns, I ask for it back. She stares at me blankly, then tells me she put it in her wallet. She blames it on pregnancy brain. Then she offers me her blue credit card instead. I like pregnancy brain a lot. I'm already dreaming of the new shoes I'm going to buy with my Marissa Trust Fund. 

Finally, Emily appears on stage. She starts to tell this funny story about her friend and this guy that she liked who "got away." Then she says how he was so cute, "sort of like that guy in the back" and points to a guy who's behind the velvet rope (where we were supposed to be) and then she realizes that THAT's the guy. Everyone turns to stare at the guy. He's very cute. He turns beet red because 100 girls are staring at him. 

When Emily takes questions, Marissa says she's going to ask her which of us she wants to be BFFs with. She doesn't end up asking her (because obviously Emily would want to be BFFs with both of us) but when she goes up to get her book signed, Emily asks Marissa what she's going to name her. Marissa says, "Emily." Emily says "Really?" excitedly. Marissa says, "No. Not really." Emily still signs Marissa's book. Then, she signs my book and I tell her that she inspires me to be a writer. She asks if I wrote a book and I tell her and she says she wants to read it. The Indigo Events Coordinator remembers meeting me at BookExpo and says he'll give her a copy!!

I'm sure she'll be too busy to read it (she has not only published 4 books in 5 years but she also is a mom of THREE!) but I'm still so flattered that she would even say she wanted to read it!!

Then we wave goodbye to the Indigo manager and head home from one of the best days ever. 

The end. 


Alicia McAuley said...

So exciting! I'm glad that you had the chance to meet someone who inspires you so much. Emily Giffin is just an incredible writer... And there has been some buzz on IMDB about Something Borrowed being made into a movie! I'm not sure if it's true, but that would be very cool!

chantel simmons said...

Emily said that it IS going to be made into a movie - and that an Academy Award winning actress may have the lead role!