Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Kitty (I mean, Canada) Day

I know yesterday was CANADA DAY and all, but to me it was KITTY DAY. Although we did go to Queen's Park and watch the kiddies getting their faces painted and playing Go Fish and Ring Toss at the carnival games and we got a red-and-white CANADA DAY frisbee, I kept thinking about a different kind of kitty: mine. And how I couldn't wait to get home. Why?

Because, I got The FURminator.

When my sister first told me about it, I thought Ho-Hum, Another Cat Brush. But then I saw the Pictures.

And I was amazed, but also sort of grossed out.

But then I started asking people about it and everyone swore it was the best thing since furless cats.

And so, we went to PetSmart. Where the PetSmart lady told us The FURminator cost $42.99. For the smallest brush.

What? I don't own a brush that costs $42.99. Surely Mr. Baz does not need a brush that costs that much. But I asked him. He said he REALLY wanted it. And it was KITTY DAY, after all. How could I deny him a KITTY gift on KITTY DAY?

And then, I watched the Video in the store, which is clearly playing just to suck all pet owners in. Except maybe Turtle Owners ...

and Fish Owners...

They should definitely NOT use this brush on their pets.

But I could not believe my eyes. I had to have The FURminator.

I took it home. And began the Ultimate FURminating Challenge:

The FURminator vs. Mr. Baz.

You think you're the FURminator? You will not take MY fur. Oh no, you won't. I will TERminate you, FURminator.

The FURminator managed to get a bagful of fur. Mr. Baz, however, managed to get some mean teeth marks into the FURminator.

Then I sat down to watch this trailer, for Kitty Kitty, the new book by Michele Jaffe, which came out yesterday. Awesome.

How did you spend your Canada Day?

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