Monday, August 25, 2008

Best of Montreal

This weekend I went to Montreal. The Hubs had to work. I went along to do some shopping. (I mean, keep him company). I'm very good at that. Know what I'm also very good at?
Eating poutine.

I mean, when in Rome.... Well, when in Rome you should buy shoes.

And when in la belle province, you should go to La Belle Province and eat poutine. Yum.

However, when I was eating pizza by myself (not at La Belle Province), the girl behind me in line ordered poutine but instead of gravy she got it with meat spaghetti sauce. I mean, can you even imagine? I immediately wanted to order that, but I mean, I already had my slice of pizza and if I ate both, I might not have been able to move, and I had shopping to do!

While shopping, I also managed to buy some lovely accessories, several from Simons, where the saleswoman asked me why I spell Simons (SIGH -mons) with two "M"s. I told her that's the way the name came. I didn't have the heart to tell her that really, I spell Simmons (SIMM-ons)with two M's. I guess maybe they just don't have the word "Simmons" in Quebec. I wonder what type of mattresses they sell at La Baie.

While shopping, I noticed a lot of ties. On girls. Very Avril Lavigne circa five years ago.

And a lot of stores selling them, too. Entire tie racks in the women's department. Eek. I did this trend in the ninth grade, as a way to show a little individuality in my green kilt uniform. Does this mean I'm too old to do it again? I don't really want to... but what if I did? What to do?

The Hubs did some spotting of his own. On the flight home, he noticed Geddy Lee of Rush on our flight, with his family.

This is not the picture I took. I mean, obviously Geddy wasn't playing bass on the plane. Nor was there a wind machine or blue lighting in the background. I tried to take a picture, actually, but it turned out to be more of a blurry stick in the distance as I don't know how to use the zoom on my phone. When we arrived on the island airport and got on the ferry I noticed a limo waiting on the other side. It had a sign in the window saying "Chamberlain." The Lee clan got into the limo.

So just a note, if you become super famous and want to go incognito, don't choose the last name Chamberlain, or you might find your car whisking away with Geddy Lee inside.

Better to choose something more obscure, like Poutine.

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