Friday, August 1, 2008

Day 5 of the No Fun Food Diet

It is now Day 5 of the No Fun Food Diet...

I have eaten a pound of baby carrots...

Some broccoli...

And a lot of lettuce.

But guess what? I discovered fun food. 

First, though, I cheated and had a Soy Chai Latte from Timothy's on Day 2.

Oh so good, but oh so bad for me.  Then I felt awful (physically but maybe a tiny bit morally). Then I got right back on the bandwagon of no bad food. 

Only it turns out that there is tasty food on the no fun food diet! On the Internet, I discovered that the Booster Juice Mango Hurricane is non-dairy/non-soy. Excited, I went to Booster Juice to get it, which is when the fabulous Booster Juice girl told me that I could order ANY Booster Juice I wanted and they would make it non-dairy/non-soy. So then I got my favourite, Brazilian Thunder with sorbet instead of soy. Hurrah!

Also, little known fact: they will add a banana to any smoothie you like. Find the Matcha Monsoon a little too matcha-y? Add a banana? Think the Very Berry is very tart? Add a banana. I'm telling you, one little banana turns every smoothie into your new favourite. 

Then, last night, I thought I would break. 

The Hubs: "What should we have for dinner?" 

I didn't want another carrot stick, head of lettuce or stalk of broccoli. He raised his eyebrows. "Pizza?" 

He KNOWS pizza is my all-time favourite meal. He forgot I can't have it. 

"I can't have pizza. Wheat..." I said sadly. Then I had a brainwave. "Magic Oven Pizza!" Their pizzas are made on spelt crusts. Then I remembered I can't have cheese anyway, so what's the point of pizza if you can't have cheese and have to eat it on cardboard? "Forget it. I can't have Magic Oven either."

The Hubs: "Oh... you can't have the $40 pizza? Darn." The Hubs does not think the Magic Oven Pizza is very magical at all. 

But you know what I could have? Thai! Technically, I think the vegetables are sauteed in soy sauce, but there's no wheat in the Pineapple Fried Rice ...

or the Lobster in garlic white wine sauce! Mmm....

Five days almost down. I'm still alive. 

Happy Long Weekend!


Alicia McAuley said...

Mmmm... Soy chai latte. Why are there no coffee shops out near the airport?!

Janine Falcon said...

Banana is an EXCELLENT natural sweetner. A friend of mine, when she goes to Yogen Früz, always asks for blueberry with ONE slice of banana. Sweetens the blueberry yummy without altering the flavour. Genius.