Friday, September 12, 2008

90210, Tori, and trickery

First of all, thanks for ALL the amazing suggestions on where I can pick my own apples! Who knew? That's exactly what I'm going to do. I'm going to tie it into an apple-picking-pumpkin-picking excursion in October.

In the meantime though, all I could think of was apple butter and how I wanted to make it, so... I went to the Rabba. I know! My coworker who told me I COULD not, under NO circumstances buy my apples at the Rabba because I would be paying triple what I would pay if I went to Food Basics or No Frills is now turning over in his apron. He would be so ashamed of me. But, No Frills doesn't have parking and Food Basics is not exactly in the best hood, and I can just walk to the Rabba and then carry the apples home. And they had a big bin of the new fresh off the tree apples (not shiny, still with leaves on the stems!). I got 10 pounds and only paid $7! That seems pretty cheap to me, and it made a double batch of apple butter. It took me two episodes of Ellen just to peel them all and my fingers were like prunes after, but now, the apple butter is cooking! And I have the cutest little mini Mason jars with pink plaid lids!

So I can make my first batch now, and my second in October when I go to the farm and pick the apples myself.

In other news, I just finished reading sTORI telling. OH my god. It's so good. Like, I cannot stop reading it so good. Tori is so funny, so self-deprecating, that you will love her if you read this book. Trust me. And there's a lot of good 90210 dirt and all the stuff about her marriage, her affair, her remarriage... plus pics. I never really liked her or respected her, but now, even the fact that a few months ago she was caught signing autographs (allegedly) at the airport here in Toronto for $20, I totally get why. She explains it all. She's poor now. Seriously. But if you had her life, you'd understand how it happened. If Drew Barrymore hadn't already called her memoir Little Girl Lost, it would've been the perfect title for Tori's book (though her title is awesome). If you haven't read it, you totally should. Also to note: it's in hardcover and when you take off the dustjacket, the book is HOT PINK. Love it!

Now that I love Tori, I'm disappointed she didn't return to 90210, but again, the book explains it (though not exactly pertaining to the new show), but basically, Tori has spent her life trying to get away from being "Donna Martin" because she's a really funny actress and just wanted to show that off. I don't want to ruin the book if you're going to read it, but given that she was in debt when she met Dean I can get why she'd agree to go back on the show, but the fact that she wasn't getting paid as much as the other girls was unfair. When her dad was the producer, he insisted on not paying her as much but by the end she was one of the stars (especially after Brenda, Dylan and Brandon were gone). So it's not fair they wouldn't pay her as much as Brenda and Kelly.

See how I'm defending her? That's what the book did to me!

In other 90210 news, was it me or did they totally set up last week's preview so that we thought Brenda would be introduced at the school this week? And then she wasn't. Having Jackie Taylor back on was great though, but I'm sad she was a drunk and cokehead again. I loved her when she was clean and she and Kelly got along. But, this means Silver moves in with Kelly, which means maybe Kelly will stay on the show for the whole season? At this rate though, I feel like even if they cut out all the oldies, I'm still going to watch it. It's nothing new (couldn't this just be the new class of The OC, really? except not as witty?), but still.... If only they could get everyone to stop laughing at all the jokes, and get Annie to stop overacting. She's cute, but please, stop trying so hard! I do love how she suddenly got cute clothes.

Finally, did you hear that LC is writing YA books? Exciting! They're loosely based on her life, but will be fiction, and she has a three book deal with HarperCollins so far. Can't wait.

Happy weekend!

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