Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Five

1. My friend Cat, who I used to work with over at ELLE (and who is now the editor of 2:The Magazine for Couples, has a bun in the oven and is blogging about it over at Erica Ehm's Her blog is called New Freakin' Mummy and it's freakin' funny, just like her.

2. New David Sedaris! Even though When You Are Engulfed In Flames (which is his funniest yet IMO) just came out this summer, earlier this week, this appeared in my mailbox: 

Sedaris first published this holiday collection in 1998, but this new version, in stores now, has six stories from his previous collections and six new stories. 

3. Tina Fey just signed a $6 million book deal with Little, Brown. Apparently she was "untested" as an author, but what's the big deal? She writes 30 rock. She wrote the script for Mean Girls. Obviously she can write. I can't wait. I love her. 

4. I'm reading I Was Told There'd Be Cake by Sloane Crosley.

If you like David Sedaris and Annie Choi (as I do), I'll bet my pumpkin pie you'll like these essays.

5. I'm off to the Cape! Here's my question, what do donut shops in Boston call Boston Creams? 

Happy Turkey Weekend!


Tammy said...

Oh, I'm totally reading "When you are engulfed in flames" right now. He makes me laugh out loud on the subway. And I have the Cake book on my list at the library, so I'm glad to know I'm not waiting in vain.
By the way, I saw the Sept/Oct Elevate at a spa last night (waiting for a massage) and I love the purple cover! Very eye-catching. I didn't have time to do much more than flip through, though, since it was time for my rubdown.
Have fun on the coast!

vickie said...

I feel like "I Was Told There'd Be Cake" might be my life story. Thanks for the tip!