Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Because I already had plans last Saturday, I couldn't go to the Spa-a-thon, but editor Nadine said it was fantabulous. You can read about it here - and gear up for next year - but all I could focus on was THEY HAD A PSYCHIC.

I have a fear of psychics, because I think they may be real and what if they can really tell you your entire future? I mean, sure, I'd love to know what my winter coat will look like next year and where I will buy it, because that would certainly save shopping time, but what about bigger issues. Such as: What if they see me alone? Does that mean I'll get divorced? I don't want to get divorced. What if they see me with 17 kids running around? Do I need to start saving because that means I'm going to have seventeenuplets? What if they see me with one arm? Should I avoid all activities in which my arm may get cut off? What if they see someone dying? I don't want to know someone's going to die. It's too sad. It's bad enough when my plants die and I don't even name them.

But, a bunch of my girlfriends SWEAR by this psychic who's in Burlington and many go every single year for a check-in and they say they can't live without her. Plus, she's not very negative and the positive things she does see actually come true. So I finally agreed that I will go, only this woman is so busy that she doesn't return calls if you leave a voicemail so you have to keep calling and calling until she answers, which can take, like, days. Weeks. Months. We've been trying on rotating shifts for almost two months, trying to get her to answer her phone, but last week, my friend got through and now we have a date, so I'm quite excited and nervous, but I feel there are so many questions I have, will she be able to answer them all?
What do you think? Have you been to a psychic? Did she tell you things that actually came true?
In the meantime, are there any TV psychics out there that can tell me when MadMen Season 3 will air because I just watched the season finale of Season 2 and I cannot wait even though I'm sure it's going to be another year before they're back in the office. Hmm.

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Bonnie Staring said...

I've been fascinated by psychics and mystical phenomenon for as long as I can remember. And, like you, I've been terrified of getting a reading.

So I guess I'm an awestruck chicken.