Friday, January 9, 2009

Surprises you might find when you clean...

I was cleaning my craft closet and I came across a faded keepsake box that inside, contained a myriad of keepsakes, including (shame!) an unfinished Bachelorette Party album for one of my best friends. When I'd thrown her the party, I'd put out a guest book, where each of her friends could use a page to write messages to her. Then, I'd develop the pix from the evening's shenanigans and put them on the appropriate page. Apparently, I never got around to that part and I completely, totally forgot about the entire plan. It's now two computers and two cameras later and I have no idea where those pictures may be--if I was still using a regular camera at the time (which I'm sure I was), wouldn't I have developed that roll of film? I don't have any random rolls of film laying around. So then, where are the photos? I have no idea. And given that my friend has now been married for almost five years and her second child is three months old today, it's not likely I'm going to find them.

I thought about sending her the scrapbook anyway, without the pictures, but perhaps that would just highlight what a horrible bridesmaid I am.

I'm undecided, so I just put the album back where I found it. I wonder how many years will pass before I look in that box again and wonder what to do?

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