Sunday, April 19, 2009

Endings, beginnings and all things pink.

I'm currently eating a pink chocolate bunny that The Hubs gave me for Easter (and which Mr. Baz guards while I'm at work). Only, the pink chocolate bunny isn't chocolate. It tastes like Quik strawberry milk. Yum.

It's an odd night. Last week I finished working at the magazine that I've walked to and from every day for nearly five years. It was a hard decision to leave my position for many reasons. It represented a very real era in my life. I spent as long there as I did in high school (only I wore a different outfit every day, not a kilt and knee socks).

I accomplished one of my life goals by accepting that job, of becoming a magazine editor before I was 30. I bought my first home, got married while I was there and changed my last name. I became a magazine publisher. I got an agent while I was there, and sold my first novel. I learned how to do a photo shoot, and how to write an editor's note. I made friends, and said goodbye to many.

And now, I'm moving on.

Tomorrow I'll start a new chapter, as Editorial Director of I used to be a columnist for and have loved it since its inception so I can't wait to be a part of it. My dad and stepmom gave me a stash of pink school supplies because they are that cute.

And now, I'm eating my pink bunny.

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