Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Have laminator, will travel

I just got The Laminator. Can I tell you how long I have wanted The Laminator? Some people dream about a new pair of shoes, a new handbag, Patrick Dempsey. Me, I have long longed for a laminator.

One of my best girlfriends just came through. She has the coolest job in the world, and just one of the perks is that she gets amazing products. And because she is so generous, she gives them to me. Items such as stamps, stickers, books and pens with fairies. And three days ago, she gave me. The. Laminator.

My obsession with crafting supplies started about 30 years ago, I'm guessing. But like any responsible teenager, I denied it a bit, otherwise I would never have gotten a prom date. And of course in university I was very busy pretending to be studying.

And then I graduated and got a job. And I stopped down my love of crafting. I bought some stickers. Then some pretty pens. Some nice notecards. Stationary. Paper. And then I got the labelmaker.

But now, with The Laminator, things have gone to a new level.

I can't stop laminating. I laminated my horoscope for the year. Then a picture of my cat. Then a postcard, a sticker, a card, and the cover of my book, which I'd printed out. You never know what could happen in the next 129 days, so at least I have a laminated paper printout of the cover. I also laminated some cat fur (by accident).

It's not that The Laminator is that expensive. I'm sure I could afford it without having to eat weiners and beans for a week. But there's something far too indulgent about purchasing a laminator for oneself. Just to laminate things. For no real reason except that it makes me happy. Which is why getting it as a gift was so fantastic. I ran out of paper the first day, and had to buy refills. It's out of control.

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