Wednesday, January 3, 2007

One to watch?

The National Post just featured me as one of their Ones to Watch in 2007.

When the writer called to interview me, I wanted to say "Why do you think I'm one to watch." But I thought that might reinforce any doubts she had that I am, indeed, one to watch, so I just pretended like it was perfectly normal that she wanted to interview me.

She said, "We just need a fun fact."

Right. I'll just open my "Fun Fact" file and pull something out.

Um... I have no idea what I said, but I think that was probably where I said something about how I didn't even do yoga even though I was writing a book about yoga. Is that a fun fact or an embarassing reveal?

Then she said, "Now we just need a quotable quote."

Oh, ri-i-ight. A quotable quote. That file is the one right behind the Fun Fact file. No problem. I'll just use that witty quote from 1982.

This, I think, is where I began babbling. Thankfully, the writer was so sweet and so funny, and I guess somewhere in there something I said was passable as a quotable quote.

Then I realized, if I'm at all lucky, someone, somewhere in the future will actually interview me when my book comes out, so perhaps I should start a Fun Fact file or Quotable Quote file.

Thankfully, the writer made me sound good, and I made it in. With
Vincent Lam and Howie Mandel. Who both probably have a whole roster of fun facts.

At least I have hope that if I do muster up a few fun facts, I can laminate them before filing them.

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