Wednesday, February 14, 2007

20 Book Challenge 2006

As I've stated before, my goal this year is to finish books. And then today, Scarbiedoll posted that her goal was to read 20 books this year. Twenty books actually doesn't seem like a lot of books, but Scarbie said that last year she only read 15 (which she could REMEMBER and wrote really thoughtful reviews on). And then I started to think about how many books I actually read last year and when you try to list them, 15 is actually a lot, because that's more than one book a month, and while I can read several books on one vacation, as I've mentioned before I'm still battling the book flu, which knocks the book out of my hand midway through (usually somewhere in the mid-200s) and I never pick it up again, so I never know how the book ends.

So this year, given that I'm trying to free myself of this book flu bug by finishing books, I'm going to also challenge myself to read 20 books this year. Surely I can do this. I've got two down, already, and a third on the way. Of course, we know what that means, since I could just as easily put the third book down as finish it (and today, when I read only 4 pages on the treadmill before deciding to instead stare blankly at the TV screen that had A Different World with subscript - but seriously how could I NOT watch Whitley and Dwayne and Jelisa even if it was the season after Lisa Bonet left the show). But I am seeing the friend who lent me the book on Friday and there's no better incentive than to finish the book so i can give it back.

And if I finish book #3 (I mean, WHEN I finish book #3) by Friday, I'll be well on my way to reaching the goal, since that means I'll be averaging more than one book a month.

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scarbie doll said...

Yo -- guess who's book showed up in my mailbox last week? Guess who gets to be one of the 20 fabulous authors I get to read this year? Yay!