Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Measuring up

I hate measuring. In fact, I think it's safe to say that I like to wing it in all crafty projects. Which is odd, considering I'm such a planner in life and don't really like last-minute plans.

So this past weekend I decided I was going to make a yoga mat bag.

I found this excellent tutorial at Pink of Perfection. Looks simple, right? Huh.

I went to the fabric store.
I bought waaaaay more material than I needed. Just to be safe, because when you're a non-measurer, you can never have too much material.
I cut it waaaaaay bigger than I needed it to be. Again, just to be safe. I even sewed under the hems before sewing them together, just so it would look extra pretty.

Then, I forgot to attach the strap before I sewed up the seams. So then I had to redo the seams.

Then, as I was cutting the ribbon, I cut through the yoga bag because I was cutting the ribbon with the yoga bag on top. Why would I do that? Why, yoga gods, why?

So then I had to make the bag shorter (to cut off the cut part). But then it was too short. The top of the yoga bag was sticking out the top of the bag. So then I had to add a piece to the top. The result...

It's still cute, right? RIGHT? But well, this is the good side. The inside is full of threads and strings and so...this ISN'T the yoga mat bag that I'm going to be giving away with an advanced reader copy of Stuck in Downward Dog very, very soon at a special event that you won't want to miss...

Instead, I'm going to use this yoga mat bag for my own yoga mat. You know, for the next time I actually make it to a yoga class.

Stay tuned for the new and improved yoga mat bag and contest details...coming soon!

PS - Have YOU made a yoga mat bag? If so, email me the picture and I'll post them here.

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