Thursday, March 29, 2007

Book #6: The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters

As I mentioned, I increased the rate at which I read books by adding a Book IV drip through my iPod. I started out with The
True and Outstanding adventures of the Hunt Sisters
. I'd heard great things about this book for years, but never got around to picking it up, and I actually knew nothing about the story, so I was pleasantly surprised, when I started listening, to find that it's written as a series of letters from Olivia Hunt to various people in her life - movie producers, her ex-boyfriend, her mother, her best friend, and her sister, Madeleine Hunt. Because Olivia is reading her own letters to you, it creates this sort of intimacy that goes beyond what you'd get reading the book. It's like she was reading the letters to me. Plus, the story was so engaging that as soon as one letter ended I couldn't wait for the next to start. The result was that I would get so caught up in the story that if I was running on the treadmill, I'd just keep running so I could keep listening. It was almost like I'd forgotten I was exercising. Almost, but not quite.

If anyone has a suggestion for my next Book IV drip, let me know!

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