Sunday, April 1, 2007

Cat tales...

I'm not sure how it all started, but one day, several months ago, while the Hubs was away on business, Mr. Baz jumped up on the counter while I was doing my hair. He meowed at me, and I thought he was just sad that his buddy wasn't around. Still, I had to get to work, so in an attempt to distract him from his lonely woes, I turned on the tap. And he started to drink.

I thought it was so cute, and I couldn't wait to show the Hubs.

Strangely, he didn't think it was so cute. "Now you've started something."

He was right.

Every morning after that, when I'd get out of the shower, he'd be sitting on the counter, crying for water.

This made it quite difficult to get ready, because he was in my way. Also, I didn't want to spit out my mouthwash in case he licked that up instead of the water. I mean, there's alcohol in mouthwash! What if he got drunk? And surely toothpaste isn't for kitties. And I didn't want to leave my hairdryer or curling iron plugged in. What if kitty got electricuted?

So I tried to wean him off the water. It didn't work.

So then I tried to move him over to Hubs' sink so that my sink would be free, but he didn't like it as much. He just came back.

So then I tried to move him to the bathtub. And guess what? He likes it!

So this is a good thing, except that he ALSO likes the sink tap, still. And now, he not only likes to drink from the neverending fountain in the morning, but also, at night. As soon as I get home from work, he runs into the bathroom, jumps on the counter and meows for me to come in and turn on the tap. Only now, sometimes he drinks and sometimes he doesn't. Sometimes, as soon as I've left the bathroom, he hops down off the counter and jumps into the tub, then cries for me to come back and turn on the tub tap. Then, after he has a bit to drink, he takes a break. Sometimes he just sits on the edge of the tub for a few minutes, but other times, he leaves the bathroom and walks around, or licks his chest, which is full of water drops, dry. So then I go back and turn off the taps, because who knows if and when he'll be back and I have to do my part to save the world, too, you know. I watched An Inconvenient Truth. Every little bit helps.

But then, quite often, Mr. Thirsty Head decides he HASN'T had enough to drink, so he goes back into the bathroom, and whines whines until I turn the tap on the sink or the tub back on. And then the process starts all over again.

So why is this a problem, aside from the obvious mini-workout that I'm getting with all this walking back and forth to the bathroom and turning on and off of taps? Because I got the page proofs on my book back from my editor last week and I have to read them to make sure there aren't any mistakes and all these cat calls are distracting me from the task at hand.

So if there are mistakes in the book when it comes out, just remember this post. Oh, and if you make mistakes in your own work (whether it's a very important proposal for the Queen or your Finite Math assignment), just blame it on your own thirsty cat. It's a much better excuse than the dog ate my homework, don't you think?

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