Wednesday, May 30, 2007

All things The View

Ever since Rosie & Elisabeth's fight I'm strangely addicted to all things The View. The thing is, now that Rosie's gone, is anyone going to watch anymore? I never used to watch, because I always felt like it was a little like trying to listen to four teenagers at the mall, talking over eachother about nothing in particular. Then, when Rosie started to go a little crazy, I found it sort of interesting, so I started PVR'ing it just to see what she was going to do. Now she's gone, and I feel like there's no reason to watch once again, even though now, it's actually easier to hear everyone talking because it's no longer the show with five hosts, but the show with three hosts (plus the token black co-host of the day). And three hosts is really just one more than any normal talk show.

I know I'm like six months late weighing in on this whole black co-host thing, and I get that they're trying to represent all types of women - but it just feels really forced that they're trying so hard to fill Star Jones Reynolds' spot with a black woman. There's been Lola Ogunnaike and Sherri Shepherd and Renee Elise Goldsberry and Brandy and Sheryl Lee Ralph and Gayle King and Chandra Wilson and Whoopi Goldberg... this list keeps going. All great women, but are they all the same just because they're black? Do they all have exactly the same views about the world? If so, then are they going to replace Rosie (in her words): "big fat lesbian loud" Rosie with another "big fat lesbian loud" woman who's just as opinionated about the war and the Donald? It just seems so weird. I mean, didn't Babs watch The Cosby Show episode when Clair Huxtable gets up at 4 am to do the talk show with the three old men who only want her on the show because she's a black woman and they think she should know how ALL black women feel? Clair set them straight. Maybe The View needs to hire Phylicia Rashad so she can explain it to them, too.

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