Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tuesday Tuck Shop

Typically, I wear the same makeup every morning, and I don't give it much thought, unless I'm doing something special, in which case I wonder why I don't have a foundation that I really like, or a white iridescent powder that, according to Carmindy and The 5 Minute Face, I'm supposed to have. It's not like I don't get hundreds of new products a week at work for my job, but somehow I stick to my tried and true favourites. Because for everyday, they work just fine. Quick, easy and natural. But today was one of those mornings where, because I have a TV interview later today, I suddenly began obsessing over every wrinkle that has started to appear above my lip line and around my eyes. Why?! I guess because I'm 31 now. That's why.

Anyway, the trick to concealing wrinkles, I've found, is not to cover them up. Concealer, in fact, seems to make them more prominent because the liquid goes into the lines and actually highlights them, making them more visible. Which is really not what any girl wants. The way to actually get rid of wrinkles is to fill them out, plump them up, which is why injectable fillers are a wrinkle dream eraser. But since injectables are costly and really, I don't notice my wrinkles except on days like today, I've found that what really works is applying an anti-wrinkle eye cream around my eyes. Not just any eye cream works though. For me, it's Dermaglow NuVectin Advanced Eye Therapy.

It's super lightweight and that's the key, since anything too thick will just mess with any makeup you've already put on your face. I apply the eye cream after my moisturizer, then again once I've done all my makeup, then again before I actually have to go on TV or get my picture taken. It not only hydrates the area, but I like to believe (and Dermaglow has done studies) that the cream actually works to reduce the appearance of the wrinkles I already have, so I keep telling myself that sooner or later, the wrinkles will be less apparent, or at least, never worse than they are right now. And if I have these are the worst eye and upper lip wrinkles I have 10 years from now, I'll be thrilled. (PS I apply the cream above my upper lip too, where I have those little lines from kissing too much. Or drinking through a straw, which is probably the more likely reason...).

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