Monday, May 28, 2007

Home sunny home...

After a week and a half of rain (and talking incessantly about it!) I'm home, and it's sunny and warm and I'm happy. But, I had a fantastical time on my western Canada tour! The McNally Robinson signing in Winnipeg, was amazing, and so was Rachel, who is the events coordinator, and whose entire job is to host, plan and promote (that's the wrong order) these events, and I can see why - she's so good at it! I would post pictures, but I can't seem to find the little cordy thing that connects the camera to the computer. This is, alas, what happens when I travel. Things go missing, and I'm never really sure whether I lost them before, during or after the trip. Things also appear, like a watch, a lock and a lipgloss! So I'll be happy with those items until I find the cord.

On the plane ride home, I got to finish watching The Painted Veil, which was just okay, even though I love Naomi Watts and Edward Norton, but more excitingly, I got to watch The Old Adventures of New Christine. I'd heard about this show back in the fall and really was looking forward to it, and then somehow, it fell off my radar. I think I thought it was on an American pay-tv station (does anyone say "pay-tv" anymore? I feel like I'm talking about the WWF), but then I caught an episode on the plane and when I got home I checked and yep, it's on a normal station. So now I'm taping it and hopefully I'll catch all the episodes over the summer. The only thing I was disappointed about was the laugh track. Is the laugh track still necessary? If a show is funny on its own, won't we know to laugh, rather than needing to be prompted?

I got to work today to find I had 93,568 emails. What? How is that even possible? It's not. It's ridiculous, but our I.T. guy assured me that we have a new spam filter. It's working REALLY well. Really. The problem is all the Viagra and Poker emails. If you put an auto-reply on them, then they reply back and then you reply back to their reply, and so it goes back and forth like that every minute of every hour of every day for 11 days straight (or however many days you might be away on vacation). However, I received this amazing box of chocolate-covered fruit!

... from Edible Arrangements today from Lindsay Stephenson, owner and creator of Penny People Designs. It's no secret that I'm OBSESSED with her notecards... this one, which she created especially when I asked her if she could do a yoga girl, like Mara, so I could send thank-you notes to all the people who have helped out with all things STUCK IN DOWNWARD DOG and place an order nearly every month it seems. I recently professed my love for stationery and all things Penny People in the lastest issue of Chocolat magazine, as a way of saying a big thank you to Lindsay for all the little "extras" she's always included with each of my Penny People orders... everytime I order something new, she always slips in an extra few notecards or address labels of a new design, which I then fall in love with.

Anyway, thank you Lindsay! I've been eating chocolate-covered strawberries all afternoon, thanks to you (which has helped the deleting of unwanted emails go by much, much better).

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Gabriella said...

And thanks to you stopping by my site!!! Honestly, your book was a great read. Hurry and write another one!