Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Beauty booty

Here I am in Manitoba, but I just got off the phone doing a radio show interview with CFUN 1410 AM in Vancouver on the Nik and Val Show . Nik and Val are these two super fun girl hosts, and they wanted to know everything there was to know about looking like you've had cosmetic surgery without actually having cosmetic surgery. At first I was nervous because it was a little different topic than I'm used to answering when it comes to STUCK IN DOWNWARD DOG, but as soon as they started asking me questions and I started answering them, I realized that going to work every day at Elevate has really drilled a lot of info into my head. And once we got going, we couldn't stop talking about all the great products you can use to look good without surgery, simply because my friends are always asking me this question. Which made me think...maybe THAT'S what I should be talking about here on my blog. So starting next Tuesday, I'm launching Tuesday Tuck Shop, where I'll write about a different product every week that I've tested and love.

To kick things off, even though it's Wednesday, I'm going to let you in on my latest product obsession, which I remembered this morning while talking to Nik and Val.

NeoStrata Wrinkle Repair.

About 15 years ago, at least, I developed a very large vertical wrinkle between my two eyebrows, mostly from squinting, I'm guessing (because I used to refuse to wear glasses but later from actually wearing my glasses, but then squinting in the sun because I couldn't wear sunglasses at the same time as my glasses unless I got those kind that flip on top of the regular glasses). Then, about six months ago, NeoStrata launched its Wrinkle Repair cream. I apply the cream to the wrinkle twice a day, and now, the wrinkle is barely noticeable. I'm not joking. The cream is $60, which is actually a pretty good price considering how long it lasts if you just use it on stubborn wrinkles (I'm only on my second bottle in six months since I use Olay on the rest of my face because it contains SPF). Plus, the Wrinkle Repair is lightweight enough that I can put it on before I apply my foundation and it doesn't clump with the foundation. Which means, also, that it's working all day long, even when I am squinting in the sun or trying to think of the answer to a question, which, thanks to how fabulous Nik and Val were this morning, I didn't have to do today!

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