Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ballet flats and other important items

I don't normally watch The View, but this morning, because I was home, and because Chandra

Wilson was a guest host, I watched. She is just so sweet, and every interview I've seen with her she's so humble, down to earth, and mentions how she doesn't take the fame for granted because she was a struggling actor for years in New York. She also mentioned how she watches 4 soaps every day, which always makes me laugh.

I may have mentioned, a few times, that I love lists. I make them for everything, and if it's not on the list, it doesn't get done. I'm not sure what this says about my memory, really. Actually, I do know. Because I rely on lists, my memory is very bad. So bad that I can walk outside with a handful of envelopes to put in the mailbox, and walk by 5 mailboxes without once thinking about depositing the letters on my way to work. Or, I can go to the grocery store intending to buy 5 specific items and come home, instead, with a box of cereal because it looked fun (and no milk, never once thinking, hmmm, buying cereal, do I have milk at home?). It can be annoying, but it just makes me revert to the lists. Which is why, last night, when I was packing, something strange occurred. I realized that I never make a list for packing. And as a result, I don't think I've ever been on vacation where I haven't forgotten something. The question is, Why am I not making a list for packing? Even now, as I'm sitting here, typing, I could be making a list, and then making sure all the items on the list are in my suitcase. But I'm not. I'm going to wing it. Hope for the best. Maybe it's vacation mentality? Go with the flow and all that.

Finally, last year I avoided the ballet flat. I don't look good in a flat. My legs need a heel to look good, I'm convinced of it. Except if I'm wearing sneakers or flip flops. Then I can reconcile that I'm going for pure comfort and all looks go out the window. But the problem is that the ballet flat is cuter than the flip flop and if done right can really make an outfit even cuter, and comfortable, for those days when you've got to walk around alot. And then... I found this pair.

So I've succumbed because it's so cute, right? I haven't tried it with a skirt or nice pants yet. So far I've only broken them out with jeans. But it's a start, right? Small steps.

PS I just realized I haven't packed a razor! 13 days without a razor? No one wants to see that. See? This is why I need a list! Sigh...

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