Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Why you should go to Vancouver & Winnipeg...

First of all, congratulations to the winners of the door prizes from my book launch party last week!:

Teresa Pacelli – Coach handbag
Marlange Heriveaux - Yoli Poli yoga mat bag
Jocelyn Pemberton – 3 Wishes bracelet

If you didn't win something, don't worry because I have lots of other prizes that you could win if you come to my Vancouver or Winnipeg book signings...

First stop is Vancouver, which I haven't been to since Expo 86. I'm assuming things will look different from 5'5" rather than 4'2". I'm also guessing that I'm not likely going to run into Expo Ernie...

I am going to go to Whistler, though, which will be exciting since I haven't been there in 10 years in the wintertime. I'm also going to be doing a book signing at the Indigo - Park Royal store in West Vancouver this Friday, May 18 at 3 p.m. LUSH has donated this ...

...Think Pink hat box, which is just so cute, and is filled with more than $100 worth of beauty products!

Plus there's going to be cupcakes from Cupcakes in Vancouver and bookmarks for everyone!

Then I'm off to Winnipeg, where I'll be reading and signing on Thursday, May 24 at 7:30 pm at at McNally-Robinson at Grant Park. There will also be cupcakes from Dessert Sinsations, bookmarks and a chance to win a beauty basket filled with more than $200 worth of hair and beauty products!

I've never been to Winnipeg in May. I've been in August and October and tried both times to go to Grand Beach, but I've yet to have a rain-free, warm day to sit on the beach. Don't get me wrong, it was still a pretty beach, but it might be more fun if I'm not huddled under an umbrella with a blanket wrapped around me. Also, I would really like to meet the Falcon Beachers. Do they go to Grand Beach? Someone told me that there isn't actually a Falcon Beach, and that they sometimes film at Grand Beach. Also, in the US, they pretend that they're in Maine or Rhode Island or somewhere un-Canadian. Because apparently the producers think that Americans can't understand a show set on a beach in Canada. Is this true? Are you American and can't understand what a beach in Canada would look like?

If you've never been to Winnipeg, doesn't all this talk about the beach make you want to come? Also, they have the best ice cream shop ever in Winnipeg. It's called the BDI, and it's a drive-in, but for ICE CREAM! Does it get any better than that? It doesn't.

PS On another note, I just saw Little Children and it was so good that I started reading the book the next day, which I have to say is even better than the movie (but isn't it always)? But typically, when I've seen the movie I find it very difficult to read the book because I already know what's going to happen, but not with Little Children. That Tom Perotta, he's a keeper. I thought about downloading the book for my iPod, too, for when I'm walking and can't read (because last time I did that I walked into a hydro pole), but I think that might be a bit excessive and then I'll constantly be trying to reconcile what page I'm on in the book with which chapter on the iPod. Craziness. So I'll stick to the book. I have a five-hour flight coming up, so I should finish it. That is, if we don't get one of the good Air Canada planes with the personal TVs and movies. Even when there are only bad movies to choose from I still can't resist.

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