Monday, May 14, 2007

My secret girl crush...

I've been meaning to discuss this for a while but keep forgetting, even though I'm thinking about her ALL. THE. TIME. Nancy Drew and how they're finally making a movie. I really cannot wait until June 15. I love Nancy Drew. I've loved her since I was 8. I've read every single book in the original series and every book in the Files series and the On Campus series, in which Nancy was a bit of a slut, wasn't she? I mean, the books were still PG, but she was suddenly flirting and dating a lot of guys. Poor Ned Nickerson. In university I did my Children's Literature project on Nancy Drew, and I collect the original books. I even have two of the interactive computer games, though I cannot solve either mystery. Apparently I'm too old to be able to figure it out, or not computer savvy enough, though I keep trying. There are these spindles on the banister that you can turn to get codes that give you clues, which are so cool even if I don't know what to do with the clues. Anyway, I really can't get enough of Nancy Drew. She's poised and savvy and smart and sassy and she solves mysteries, which really is the best job ever. I always wanted to be a private detective, except that, growing up in a small town, I realized that the only mysteries I'd be solving was adultery, and that didn't seem nearly as exciting as finding secrets in old clocks, 99 steps, leaning chimneys or on a ski hill.

Anyway, as much as I'm so excited about the new movie, I'm trying not to get my hopes or my expectations up. I mean, how many Nancy Drew TV shows have their been? First, in 1977 there was the Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys weekly mystery hour. I didn't see this series - I was a baby. Then in 1995 there was another short-lived Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys series. I watched this one, but not without grumbling. I mean, Nancy Drew was played by Tracy Ryan (who even though she's from Kitchener and lives in Toronto), has BROWN hair. VERY DARK brown hair. So did Bess and George, and Bess wasn't fat. It was like the casting agent had NEVER read the book. (Although I know, Nancy Drew's hair has changed colour - from strawberry blonde to blonde to titian). In 2002, there was a made-for-TV movie starring Maggie Lawson (a blonde). Back in 1938 there were four movies made, though I haven't seen them because I can't find them. Also, Nancy's boyfriend was named Ted, not Ned. Why? I'm not sure. So Nancy Drew: The Mystery in Hollywood Hills will be the first Hollywood movie. Still, I have my doubts with Emma Roberts playing Nancy. I like Emma Roberts, but she's 16! Playing a 16-year-old (I'm assuming she'll be 16 like in the original Nancy Drew mysteries, not 18 like she was in the revised series - when they removed the racism and stereotypes). But seriously, a 16 year old playing an 18 year old? Please, this is Hollywood. And playing your age doesn't happen in Hollywood. I mean, imagine if Brenda Walsh had been played by a 16-year-old instead of a 19-year-old. That's just plain crazy. Or if Dawson Leary had been played by a 15-year-old instead of a 21-year-old. Maybe the producers are taking tips from Degrassi, where teens play their age. And I like Degrassi, so maybe I'll like the movie. At least Emma's hair is strawberry blonde. I know it shouldn't matter, but it does, to me. Anyway...

Since it's always fun to have a little distraction on a Monday morning, I leave you with a little Nancy Drew quiz!

1. In what year was the first Nancy Drew Mystery written?
2. What is the name of the author who wrote the first Nancy Drew Mystery?
3. In what volume were Bess & George introduced?
4. In what volume did Nancy meet Ned?
5. How old would Nancy Drew be this year if she were alive?
6. What's Nancy's housekeeper's name?
7. When did Nancy and Ned break up?
8. What kind of car does Nancy drive?
9. What's the name of Nancy Drew's cookbook?
10. Where does Nancy Drew live?

OK, that's it! I'm off to solve the mystery of what to have for lunch today!

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