Friday, July 20, 2007

The Friday Five

1. Here's the thing about Forever 21: the average price of the items in the store may be far less than $21, but you will stand in a lineup of 21 girls for 21 minutes or forever, whichever comes first. Then, by the time you actually get into the change cubicle, you will look at the clothes in your hands in confusion because you no longer like any of them, but now feel obligated to try them on, even though they went out of style 21 minutes ago. And then go home, wondering why you just wasted an hour of your vacation doing this.

2. Today is our final Harry Potter-free day before the mayhem hits at midnight. I went for a run this morning and the camera crews were already outside the Indigo on Bay street at 7:30 am. On the website, there's a banner for Harry Potter, but under it, reads "What to Read After Harry Potter". How would you like to be a rebound author? Personally, I like the Lemony Snicket books better. Still, I guess being mentioned under Harry Potter is good publicity. I certainly wouldn't complain...

3. Kevin Dillon (Johnny Drama) has an Emmy nom for Outstanding Supporting Actor!

I think this is the first Emmys I'm excited for and will watch, just to see if he wins! And Season 3 Part 2 comes out on October 2. Finally. It's still forever and 21 days away, but at least there's finally a release date. When Season 4 started on Movie Network, I thought about subscribing, but since I hadn't yet seen the rest of Season 3, I didn't. Why? What was my logic in this? The upside of course is that I'll still be watching Entourage when I'm 50, at this rate. And this preview of Season 3 part 2 until October 2...


5. I'm in my first qualifier for a golf tournament this Sunday. Which means one thing: I'm in heavy outfit-planning mode today!

Have a good weekend!

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