Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Duff, Britney, butts and the Speidi song.

There really is just so much to discuss. First of all, in my post labelled "The Hills, Booster Juice and Duff Stuff", I completely forgot to talk about Duff Stuff. Apparently three topics was just one too many for one post. So here's the story. I got a text message on my cellphone the other day, and was quite confused seeing as how I have gotten about five text messages in my life, which is about as many as I've sent. I like to think that it's a 30something black hole, that when we started using cellphones text messaging didn't exist so we just never got in the habit of it the way 20somethings and teens did, but then how do I explain the fact that my 40something brother-in-law TMs (is that even the lingo for text messaging?) or that my 50something aunt does, too? Maybe all my friends actually TM, just not me, because they know they won't get a reply?

Anyway, clearly getting a text message is a rare occurrence, so I happily picked up the message, only to find that it was from Rogers. Ho hum. Except, they were telling me I'd won a FREE ringtone! All I had to do was log onto the site to choose whichever ringtone from the list I wanted and they wouldn't charge me one cent. (I'm fairly certain I'll still be charged for the five minutes I was logged onto the site actually waiting to see the list of ringtones). So I fall for it. Log on and find the list. You know what was on it? One song.

With Love by Hilary Duff.

Come. On.

Duffy and I actually go way back. A few years ago, I did an interview with Duffy. It was right before that movie in which Heather Locklear plays her mom. Oh right, The Perfect Man. Here's a little window into how the interview went (questions have been modified because I can't recall the actual questions):

Me: You're a singer, actor and clothing designer. Which is closest to your heart?
Duffy (slightly muffled): I'm a singer, actor and clothing designer - which is closest to my heart.
Publicist (even more muffled): You like them all equally. You love to try new things.
Duffy (with enthusiasm): I like them all equally. I love trying new things.

Me: What do you look for in a role?
Duffy: What do I look for in a role?
Publicist: An interesting story and characters...
Duffy: An interesting story and characters...

Me: Can you put your publicist on so that I can finish this interview?
Duffy: Can I put...

Kidding. But you get the idea. I'm not saying she doesn't have her own thoughts. Maybe she does. She's just not allowed to voice them without getting them peer-reviewed first. Who am I to judge? After all, she's a huge success now and doesn't have two kids or any ex-husbands. Or a shaved head. Let's consider for a moment the un-peer-reviewed alternative.

If you haven't read the story in this month's Allure with Miss Brit (or rather, the interview in which the writer waits four days for her to show up and she never does) you need to. Now. It'll be the best-spent 10 minutes of your day. Promise.

Did you hear about the butt cam for those times when you're trying on jeans? As if jean shopping wasn't traumatic enough.

And finally, tell me that you didn't RUN to your computer to listen to Heidi's song "Body Language" last night...

Now why wasn't that a ringtone option?

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