Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Like chocolate chip cookies for breakfast...

I'm in this weird mood where I want things that don't make any sense to have. Like a bike. I really want a bike right now, only it's been raining for like a week straight (or maybe it just seems like it) but it's wet and cold and I don't even have gloves because last winter my favourite gloves got a hole in two of the fingers so I decided to put my sewing lessons to work and fix them. Which I did, but then by the end of the winter they were busted open again. It's like I had Incredible Hulk fingers.

Which would be totally useful if I wanted to dye my hair green because then I wouldn't care if I got dye all over my hands, but I don't so instead I'm gloveless. The other night we went to the movies and it was freeeeeezing and ....

Biff says to me: Where are your gloves?

And I say: Um... (because I didn't want to admit that I don't own gloves because my Hulk hands busted through them)... I left them at home. Where are YOUR gloves?

So Biff says: In my pockets, but if you're not wearing gloves, I'm not wearing gloves. I'm the man. I have to be tough.

Then we ran the rest of the way to the movies.

I can't make Biff suffer! I must buy new gloves.

But I want a bike. I had a bike. But it got stolen. And I had another bike before that, which was super cute with a basket and everything, only I left it locked up outside the mall one day because it was freezing rain and I didn't want to ride it home and I thought I'll come back for it, except every time it was nice weather I didn't have time and then it was winter and then when I went to get it the lock was totally rusted together and I couldn't get it off so then I had to wait for spring and when I went back my bike was gone. I was so sad.

Maybe I don't deserve another bike. I'm a bad bike mom. But before those two bikes I didn't ride a bike for like 15 years and in total I've only ever had four bikes and two of them have been hand-me-downs, so surely I haven't filled my bike quota? Don't normal kids have more bikes than FOUR? In fact, don't kids ask for bikes for Christmas from Santa? Which means maybe it's NOT weird to want a bike in the middle of November, or December.

I have to go to an event this morning that's downtown, which means that I'll be passing the mall on my way so I think I should pop in and use my Whisper 2000 and see if kids are asking for bikes from Santa. Because if they are, then maybe I should just get a bike. Or ask Santa for one. But in all likelihood, kids are probably not asking for bikes because their parents drive them everywhere now, and anyway, they don't want to go outside because all their games are inside, and they're probably asking for Xbox 360 Elite anyway. Which, wouldn't be that bad a gift to ask for. I don't really have the attention span for video games but I'm a kick-ass QBert queen, and I saw that the Xbox has a pink remote.

I could totally go for that.

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Laural Dawn said...

Just so you know, my son totally asked for a bike for Christmas!
Santa is waiting for his birthday, though!