Wednesday, January 9, 2008

If I ask the answer first, is there still reason for a question?

For Christmas, my dad gave my stepmom Jeopardy on DVD for her computer. My stepmom is an avid Jeopardy player and she can ask most of the questions correctly when watching the show, so she was stoked. Three days after Christmas, she'd racked up more than $40,000 and was already fake-shopping with her winnings. They're now on some sunny beach. They told me what country they are in but I have chosen to wipe it from my brain because it is really just too depressing to think about, while I'm here in the cold. Anyway, I just hope she doesn't go to the beach wearing a new "swimsuit" she "purchased." Before they left, my dad, ever the thrift-king, discovered that you could load the game on to many computers so he gave it to me for my own computer. Then, he sent me an email saying, oh, by the way, you first have to download some patch off the internet. I have a sneaking suspicion that when he said that we could load the game on many computers, we're not really supposed to. I haven't loaded the game yet and I think it may be because:

a) my computer was sick (by the way, he came home yesterday and is in top form! a full recovery! no antibiotics required, which is a good thing because I can't remember to take my vitamins, so I'm afraid if my computer needed antibiotics he would be out of luck). 

or perhaps, it could be that

b) I'm already deep in the trenches of an ethical war against pirated DVDs and our friends keep buying them at the Pacific Mall and leaving them at our place, taunting me until I watch them. I mean, I have willpower, but it's like putting a chocolate on my pillow before bed. Am I supposed to just SLEEP on top of the chocolate until I get a dent in my head, or eat it and then sleep well? And I know the Jeopardy game isn't pirated, but maybe you're not supposed to play it on more than one computer? 

but really, I think the real reason is that 

c) I, unlike my stepmom, am very good at asking questions, but only to answers that I DON'T know. I'm not very good at asking questions to answers I DO know. I don't know the answers to a lot of questions, which are actually questions, unlike Jeopardy questions, which have you ever realized are not really questions at all, since you could not actually give an accurate answer if you asked the question first? Unless it was something like: 
Q: What is Mount Kiliminjaro?
A: A mountain.
Anyway, here are my real questions. If you have real answers, send them:

1. When is The Hills back on? And are Speidi still together? I heard they got a Christmas tree. That is sucky.

2. What happened to The Riches? I miss Minnie and also the boy/girl child. 

3. My nails are very dry and breakable. Is it better to put nail polish on them to protect them, or will that just dry them out more and form a barrier to the hand & nail creams I'm applying? In other words, is it better to polish or not? 

That is all. 

If you have questions, feel free to send them too. I won't have answers though. Just so you know.


heather said...

Just cause I like to provide answers when I can...
1. The 8 'bonus' episodes of season 3 of The Hills featuring adventures in Paris and the continuing disintegration of the engagement are going to air sometime in the next few months. (If I had my EW Winter TV preview I could probably pin it down a bit better). Speidi are indeed still together, though have apparently called off the engagement and are back to just 'dating' (according to the cover story they sold US Weekly...I am not ashamed...I am not ashamed)

2. I think the Riches second season may have been derailed by the strike...maybe?

3. I have found some luck in keeping nails in better shape by using cuticle oil (I think the oil absorbs into the nails and helps 'moisturize' them)

And that's all I've got

chantel simmons said...

Heather: You are the Coles Notes of All Things Important! Thank you!

Laural Dawn said...

I don't know the answer to all your questions, but for #3, I have to say go and get a manicure!
My nails were totally brittle and I went and had them done (and a pedicure!)I've since take the nail polish off, but my nails are still surviving.
And, I'm really into using lots of handcream in the winter.

PS I suck at Jeopardy, but I love Wheel of Fortune. I don't turn it on everynight, but when I do watch it I do pretty well.