Monday, January 7, 2008

I've decided to commit to being fat.

Because it's a new year I thought perhaps I should get onto some sort of diet plan or fitness plan that involved more than just walking to the video store to rent Season 2 of LOST (yes, I've committed and because everyone said it wasn't that good I had ZERO expectations and totally thought the hatch would be full of dead people or zebras or something dumb, so now I'm loving it, even if it's a bit slow). Anyway, I've noticed that all my clothes are shrinking even when I don't wash them and we have a beach wedding coming up and well, I don't have to explain why I don't want to wear one of those bathing suits with the ruffled bum to the beach, do I? So anyway, I thought about doing more hot yoga (when I say more, I mean, more than once every month or two) but one thing I don't like is that if I just did my hair then it gets totally sweaty so basically I have to wash it daily, which is really quite drying on your hair, and who wants dry hair? Do I want to sacrifice frizz for a fit body? So then I thought maybe I should just stop eating chocolate and candy on a daily basis but then on Friday I was all set to eat a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner  (because that's a totally healthy dinner, especially when you use processed cheese slices) while watching LOST. But then, the Hubs said, Let's have pie for dinner, but I didn't really feel like pie so he had pie and I instead had marshmallow-crunch ice cream and chocolate chip cookies. And then I realized that I can commit to eating bad food and not working out much better than I can to eating salad and doing yoga every day. So I'm going to go with that. After all, I think the new year should be about recognizing one's strengths and improving them. 

So...what are your strengths? 


Laural Dawn said...

What a good commitment.
The only way I could commit to eating salad all the time is by eating at Lettuce Eatery. Yummm!
(but it's expensive and the lineups are way too long).
I've given in totally to watching corny tv shows that I love and not apologizing for it!!!! (did you see the new American Gladiators. Oh.My.God I loved it!)

chantel simmons said...

I love Lettuce Eatery, too, but I feel like it may be tricking me into thinking I'm being healthy. Perhaps because I love the Cobb salad, which has like a pound of bacon, avocado and cheese in it. I think it may work into my fat plan quite nicely though. Also, I think they should have a half-size portion for lunch because the full-size is like eating out of a trough. Also very pig-like.