Thursday, January 3, 2008

Dead characters and sick computers.

Apparently, they DO kill off main characters on LOST. We finished Season 1, so now I want to know what's in the hatch, but I'm worried Season 2 it's going to be DUMB and totally UNBELIEVABLE and make me wish a plague on the island, or at least on my DVD player, which by the way is now a PlayStation (since it was Blu-Ray, the Hubs decided it could replace the DVD player). The problem with this is that  you have to use the PlayStation controller to make it work, and I can't figure it out, but it does make me feel like I'm cool and young trying to. Anyway, should I watch Season 2? Is it better than Season 1? Advice please. 

Anyway the death of _____ (I don't want to spoil it) made me sad but not as sad as if they'd killed off Jack, like they were originally going to, I learned when I watched the Special Features. Anyway, I learned my lesson, which is totally unoriginal, but true: Be careful what you wish for, and all that. As punishment perhaps for lying lying pants on firing, my computer, Wally, is sick. He refuses to turn on or recharge his batteries. I think he may be forming an allegiance with my cellphone, which doesn't ring. I'm not sure what's next - a toaster that doesn't toast? I will be forced to eat squishy bread. 

But back to Wally. 

Wally has actually been sick for a very long time, but I am a bad mother (this is why I'm not allowed to have children) and refused to take him to the doctor. Instead, I kept bandaging him up with tape and propping him up with book-pillows so that he'd turn on and stay on, until finally today, I decided I would take him in. The computer doctor said it could cost a couple of hundred dollars and that he'd call me to let me know once he'd done the assessment. And if I decide not to get him fixed, then it will cost me $60 for the assessment. Which seems like a ripoff, doesn't it? Although I think what it says is that unless they tell me it's going to cost $1,000 then I will give them my money to get Wally fixed and back home safely since I cannot buy a new computer for $60, unless it's Fisher Price and pink, which would be cute, but perhaps not effective for writing novels. I wish we had OHIP for computers, since I'm thinking I may have to eat pork n' beans for dinner to save my money for Wally and I hate beans. Though I'm pretty sure it's not actually cheaper to eat pork n' beans than it is to buy a box of cereal or a can of peas or corn or even a box of Kraft Dinner, which tastes a lot better but maybe whomever said pork n' beans were cheap said so before Kraft Dinner was invented. 

Anyway, I would eat pork n' beans for Wally. I'm sure he hates it at computer world, where he's stuck in a room filled with either really old computers that are hacking and coughing and about to die, or really slick new skinny computers that are making him feel like Nicole Richie in A Simple Life Season 1. I don't want Wally to get an eating disorder. Or to have to stay overnight, but the computer man still hasn't called to tell me what's wrong with him. I guess they're still running tests. I wonder if there are visitation hours like when Mr. Baz's penis got blocked and he couldn't pee and he had to stay overnight at the kitty hospital. We visited him every morning before work and every evening before bed. I think it helped take his mind off the Rottweiler that was in the bedroom next to him, staring at him, preparing to eat him when we turned our backs. If only Mr. Baz had had episodes of LOST to watch to take his mind off things, or a computer so he could Google Rottweilers and learn that no, they do not like to eat kitties. 

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vickie said...

You must watch LOST season two. And then find a way to watch season three before Jan. 31st, when season four starts. Hurry up, would'ja?!

(Btw, there will be suckiness in seasons two and three...but, by the end of season three, it KICKS ASS again. I am salivating for season four...)