Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Is it a sign?

Today, I was driving to meet a friend for lunch and that Alicia Keys song "No One" came on the radio. (Sidenote: I really had no idea what the song was called and was going to call it No One because she says that 17852 times in the song but I just Googled it and apparently that's actually what it's called. How straightforward of her.) was playing on the radio, only I'm sort of sick of it because I hear it all the time, so I changed the station without looking to preset 2. Only it was still playing. So I changed the station again to preset 3. And it was playing again. At which point I thought maybe some higher force had taken over my car and was making me either A only listen to that station or B only listen to that song. So then I madly (okay I didn't do it "madly" because there's no reason to go crazy when you're driving and besides it's not like it was Satan talking to me, it was just a song but it sounds dramatic to say "madly" doesn't it?) hit preset 4, 5 and 6 and different songs were playing on each of those presets. So then I realized that the higher force wasn't possessing my radio, but maybe Alicia Keys has a really good publicist. Or just a really good song, but still I thought there might be a hidden message in the song so I flipped back to preset 1 to listen to the words, and when the song ended I listened to the rest of the song on preset 2 and then preset 3 (or in some such order) but I couldn't figure out what the revelation was, except that if your song is really popular and gets played on several stations simultaneously your fans have the ability to listen to it for 9 minutes without break. I'm not sure it's really a revelation, which ended up being a good thing because how many revelations can you have in one day? Maybe just one, which is what happened next. 

After the final song ended, the commercial for the new movie One Missed Call came on the radio. If you haven't heard of it, the premise is that your cellphone rings telling you that you have missed a call (but it's not their ring tone) and when you listen to the message, it's from your future self, telling you the details of your own death. At first, all I could think about was that I DEFINITELY can't see this movie - I mean, my LIFE is ONE MISSED CALL because my cellphone NEVER rings. I would NEVER sleep again. Either that, or I'd have to cancel my voicemail and then what good would my phone be? Anyway, after I got over that I got to thinking that the movie sounded really familiar. Like The Ring, part 2. Except there already was a Ring, part 2. So it's a remake. Except the Ring was a remake, so I guess it's just like Deep Impact was to Armageddon. 

Which was when I realized why The Ring was called The Ring. 

I saw this movie. And the sequel. The original was the first movie date I went on with The Hubs. And at the end of the movie I just couldn't figure out why it was called The Ring. I kept waiting for there to be a wedding ring or a halo. Something. And then, when the sequel came out I wanted to ask The Hubs why it was called that, like maybe I was missing something. But I was sure he was just going to laugh at me, because how could I have watched a movie and then, like 3 years later ask why it's called The Ring.

And now, I JUST got it. 

I'm trying not to look on the glum side, which would be that I'm really dense. I'm trying to think that maybe 2008 will be a year of revelations, and this is just the teaser. 

Please tell me you've had a similar experience...with something. Anything. Please? 


Anonymous said...

I never knew that Transylvania was a real place until I was getting interviewed for a job and the guy, who would've been my boss told me he was from Transylvania and I laughed. I was telling my best friend afterward and she told me it's in Romania. The guy must've thought I was an idiot. I didn't get the job, but I've never forgotten where Transylvania is.

Anonymous said...

I used to think that grilled cheese sandwiches were called girl cheese sandwiches because my mom made them for me. The revelation came with mixed feelings because I was at once happy to have finally figured it out, but sad that grilled cheeses were no longer just for girls...

Also, my cellphone never rings either so when it actually does, my initial reaction is often one of terror - Egads! Is that my phone? I'm still trying to figure out why I have one. This movie is not going to help.