Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Why do today what you could put off until next year?

Yesterday, I awoke in a panic of all the things I had to do before the end of the year.

Like what? The Hubs asked.

Well... I wanted to finish the three books I had on the go so that I could get my final tally of books read this year up to 25, since I was currently sitting at 22 after finishing How to Be Good by Nick Hornby (good read!) a while ago. Other than that, well, I didn't know what else I wanted to do, but I felt like I should do more things on the final day of the year. Instead, I went to the golf dome and then ate some leftover turkey (although eating leftovers seems like an accomplishment, right?). Then, I thought, why not go to the mall. What bad can come of finishing the year off by shopping? I was looking for a new dayplanner, which I thought, would at least inspire me to write down all the things I would do the following day, on the first day of the year. And then I had an epiphany. I would get a new phone. I LOVE my phone. It's a Chocolate, and it's so cute, but pretty much sucks. Last Christmas I begged for it, and got it, and now wish I would've stuck with my no frills/no colour/no camera phone that actually rings when someone calls. But today, I thought, I will put up with it no longer (after saying for a year that I should actually take it to the Rogers store but never did). I would take care of this, once and for all. So I went to the Rogers kiosk, where the guy asked me what was wrong and I told him -- that the phone doesn't ring, only sporadically lets me know when there are messages, and my ear presses buttons randomly when I try to talk on it. To which he told me that if I'd come anytime this year, I could've gotten the phone fixed, but because I'd waited a whole year, the warranty had now expired. And I still had 2 years on the plan. Because of course, I signed up for the 3 year plan. But I looovoed the phone. I thought I'd love it in 3 years! What's 3 years, really? It seems like no time at all. How could I not love my Chocolate phone in 3 years? I'm such an idiot. The worst part is that because I wanted the Chocolate phone last year I had to pay to cancel my other cellphone plan a year early (because of course I thought I'd love THAT phone for 3 years too, but somehow I fell out of love with it, too). So now, my only options were to upgrade my phone for $250, which is so ridiculous. Apparently even if the phones under the glass say $99 that's only if you start a new plan, not if you want to trade in your phone midway through your plan. My other option was to buy a new phone and put the SIM card in it. I don't even understand how this works (how much does it cost to buy a phone? Isn't that what I'd be doing to upgrade or would it be even more?). So I went with option 3: Why do today what I could do next year? I mean, I put up with a phone that doesn't ring for one year, I figured I might as well put up with it for another year. And then, after that I'll just have one more year to go. So then I left the kiosk with my cute and crappy phone in hand and went and bought myself a pretty party dress to go on my new year's eve date and then I ate some candy because my new year's resolution is to not eat candy (at least, on a daily basis). So I figured I should at least have some before I go cold turkey.

So I didn't get a new phone, and I didn't finish reading any of the books that I started. But you know what I realized? When I DO finish reading those 3 books, I'll already be well on my way to my new goal for 2008, which is to read 36 books, or 3 a month. So, I guess the Hubs was right. There ARE some benefits to procrastinating until next year after all. It makes you feel even more accomplished!


vickie said...


What kind of sick woman are you?

Laural Dawn said...

Wow. Good luck with the candy thing. I could never.
As for the phone. That's ridiculous. I hate cell phones. And, that happened to me as well with one.
I'm going to get one in the spring (I have a bberry for work, but feel guilty being on mat leave and using it for personal stuff).
I've already decided that I'm going to be getting the most basic phone out there. As long as it's pink.