Monday, March 24, 2008

The Easter Bunny didn't pee on me.

Yesterday, after a brunch of quiche (or as my friends and I like to call it, "kweech") and hot cross buns with my dad and stepmom, we drove back to Toronto. Once inside, we could hear cheers and shouts down below. I looked out on the street to see thousands of people marching toward Queen's Park, waving flags and cheering.

"What do you think it is?" the Hubs asked. 
"Cheering that Jesus is risen for the day?" I suggested. 
"Hmmm... I think they're protesting, actually. They sound angry."
"That Jesus is alive? That's hardly very polite."

The Hubs decided it likely had something to do with Tibet. Turns out if you Google "march" and the current date, you find out exactly who's protesting what on any given day in the city. They were upset about Tibet and not Jesus after all. The Hubs always has his finger on the pulse of the protest world.

Once they quieted down, we decided to eat pizza, Easter cream eggs and watch movies, while wearing an article of new clothing so the Easter Bunny wouldn't pee on us. I'd never heard of this superstition before I met the Hubs, but every year his mom would send us new socks in the mail. This year however, she didn't send us anything new to wear, likely because she doesn't have time to shop for us. She's going to be a Mother of the Bride in a week and has to find a dress, so it's understandable that we're on our own this year. Neither of us had any new socks to don, but thankfully we'd just gone shopping for new beachwear for our vacation next week so we put on that instead. I wore a sun hat and sundress. The Hubs wore his surfer shorts and flip-flops. 

"What movie do you want to rent?" The Hubs asked. 
"No Country for Old Men?"
During brunch, we got to talking about movies. My stepmom and dad had just watched the Coen Brothers' latest. I hadn't really had any urge to see it since I'd heard mixed reviews. My stepmom said they didn't understand it at all. "It didn't make any sense. It was like Fargo, only without the woodchipper." 

Little did she know she sold us on the movie with this comment. Fargo is one of my all-time favorite movies, and the fact that she didn't understand it gave me hope that it would be dark and thought-provoking. I'm not saying she has bad taste in movies (we share a place in our hearts for Clueless and Legally Blonde) but some of her favorite movies also happen to be Because I Said So and Failure to Launch, while she also thought The Pianist was boring and The Upside of Anger was depressing. 

Needless to say I loved No Country. But I think I'll keep that to myself. 

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