Wednesday, March 5, 2008

He's like the wind...through my tree.

Did you hear about Patrick Swayze?

At first I didn't believe it. I mean, do doctors actually hand out timelines of when you're going to die anymore? It's totally depressing, because what if you end up living for five more years and you wanted to travel to Istanbul but thought five weeks wasn't enough time, so you don't do it and then because you keep living you never get to? I guess in Patrick's case he's too sick to travel to Istanbul. But still. I love Patrick Swayze. And not just in Dirty Dancing...

                        Exhibit #1: Why celebrities should NEVER get nose jobs...

or in Ghost...

"Don't you like the way I'm rubbing clay all over your arms?" 

But even just in spirit last season in the Trailer Park Boys' Patrick Swayze episodes.
It's really too sad. 

What's also sad (but in no way compares to Patrick obviously) is that I have MISSED ANOTHER EPISODE of Cashmere Mafia. 

If this image doesn't scream Sex and the City I don't know what does, but whatever. I'm still watching...or rather I WOULD be if I could FIND it...

What is the point of PVR if you set it to tape the same show on the same day at the same time, but the SHOW KEEPS CHANGING ITS AIRTIME?

This also happened with Pussycat Dolls Present Girlicious...

(which really is even better than I could've imagined). But thankfully, because it airs on MuchMusic, I was able to catch the missed episodes on repeat and get all caught up. Phew. It was close. Speaking of PCD, I am a little puzzled that they pretend there were SO many entries and they had these huge audition lines, but then in the final 15 nearly every girl can only do one of the following:

c)have "star" power

Out of THOUSANDS of girls, not one single girl can do ALL THREE? Something's fishy in pussycat land.

But back to Cashmere Mafia. When it debuted I chose CM over LJ. I thought it would be better. And I can't comment on which is better, since I haven't been watching LJ...

Which is why I had NO idea that Blane was on the show...

"You said you couldn't be with someone who didn't believe in you. Well I believed in you. I just didn't believe in me. I love you...always."

Andrew McCarthy just may drag me over to the other side. 

The other thing I didn't know because I don't watch Lipstick Jungle is that Lindsay Price is on it. Until this morning on Regis & Kelly, because Kelly was talking about how she and Lindsay were costars on All My Children, and I was like, she wasn't on All My Children... she was Janet Sosna, Steve Sanders' girlfriend/wife on 90210!!!

Um, what's going on with Kelly's bridesmaid hair?

Finally, I leave you with this...



Laural Dawn said...

Did you know that you can set your PVR so it catches the show whenever it is on - not at a set time?
I have done that. Mind you, then it goes a little crazy on you and you have to sift through episodes, but whatever. We do it for kids shows because they change the time on them constantly.
PS Apparently Patrick Swayze isn't dying.

heather said...

So, I'm almost ashamed (but clearly not enough) to admit to watching both Cashmere Mafia and Lipstick Jungle. Mafia finished it's run of the 7 episodes taped before the strike and it's future is uncertain. No more eps are filming for this season and there hasn't been a pickup for season 2 yet.

Of the two, Mafia is the more blatant knock off of SATC and therefore has better (read: ridiculous) clothes and over the top situations. Lipstick Jungle has possibly slightly more realistic depictions of the 'career women' (read: they actually seem to be working a good chunk of the time) as well as including Andrew McCarthy (who is no Mr. Big).

And my PVR has also given me issues picking up an episode when they keep changing the description to include or exclude the stupid (HD) in the title.

In other frivolous TV news...The Hills comes back on March 24th (I'd hate for you to miss it ;-) )