Sunday, April 27, 2008

Girlicious Housewives in The Hills

The best part about admitting you watch reality TV is there is a small chance that your best friend/boyfriend/husband/ will start watching it with you. Because if you're going to scream at the TV, it's so much more fun when you've got your favourite person beside you to scream too. This has finally come true for me.

A few years ago, before I moved in with the Hubs, we did not discuss reality TV. I watched it, I assumed he didn't. We did not speak of it. Then I moved in, but all was not lost because he worked late hours and on the very night that most of my favourite reality TV shows aired, he was out playing some sort of sporting game with his friends. I was safe.

But then, nights changed, shows changed and there was no way to hide my love for ANTM, The Bachelor, Survivor and The Amazing Race. I think he may have known, but pretended I didn't watch these shows. Until the day I got him hooked. It started out slowly at first, with The O.C...

... which isn't reality at all, but it's a very good transition show, because it's about teens and drama and clothes and gossip. Then, we moved to Laguna Beach...

... and then to The Hills....

...and then to The Real Housewives of Orange County...

The other night, as we were watching The Hills, The Hubs suddenly pointed at the screen. "We totally KNOW that guy!" The "guy" in question was in the background of a scene in People's Revolution, where Lauren and Whitney now work. He rewound the Tivo. All I could think was, We know somebody famous? On The Hills? How is this possible?

The Hubs pressed pause on the guy. "It's the choreographer from Girlicious."

I looked at The Hubs and then at the screen. He was right. It was Mikey Minden, hanging out at People's Revolution.

"Our worlds are colliding," The Hubs confirmed.

Yes, I suppose when your "friends" from Girlicious are also on The Hills, they are.

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