Thursday, April 24, 2008

Red shoe diary

I am coveting these shoes.

I first saw them two weekends ago.  The Hubs and I were coming up the escalator and the shoe store was at the top.

In the window was a display. There were many shoes, but I only had eyes for this pair. You know on Girlicious, how Robin and Ron kept saying that many of the girls were pretty and good singers and good dancers but that Natalie had charisma? 

These shoes had charisma.

"Why don't you have those shoes?" The Hubs asked.

He didn't point, but we both knew immediately which shoes he was talking about. 

"I have no idea."

We went inside to look at them. 

They were $330. 

It just seems like a lot for a pair of shoes. 

"But they're All Day Heels!" my girlfriend said when I showed them to her last weekend. "You can wear them all-day!"

They may be All Day Heels, but red shoes are never every-day-heels. They're special day shoes, and I really just don't think I can afford $330. 

"They're perfect author shoes," my other friend said. 

Yes, but I would have to sell like 17,000 books to afford them. 

Still, I couldn't stop thinking about them.

Then yesterday, I checked the mail.

Inside was a postcard from a very well-known credit card company. As I rode up the elevator, I glanced at the postcard. And then, there were the three little words: 

All. Day. Heels.

The card said that if you spent $1,000 on your credit card, they would give you a gift certificate for $200 off any pair of All Day Heels.

I couldn't believe my luck. Sure, $1,000 was a lot of money, but if we put all our bills on that card, it wouldn't be that hard to rack it up, right? 

And then I read the fine print. You had to spend $1,000 on All Day Heels between April 25 and May 25. Then, you get the gift card. To spend on your next purchase of All Day Heels. 

So basically, you have to buy $1,000 worth of shoes (which actually only works out to 3 pairs of shoes) in one month. And then you have to buy a fourth pair to get the discount. 

What I want to know is, Who are these people who can buy four pairs of $300 shoes in ONE MONTH? 

And would they like to buy 483,000 copies of my book so that I can get a pretty pair of author shoes? 


Janine said...

Blogstalker here. You need those shoes.

Rochelle said...

I actually own this pair....and they are! My fave pair!