Friday, May 9, 2008

African Lion Safari...without the lions.

I'm back from San Diego with all my digits in tact. That's what happens when you visit animals in a zoo rather than in the wild where there are SHARKS. The only shenanigans the zoo animals get up to are with eachother.

First, there was a little sex on the beach...

Then, some sex (or attempts) in the pool...

Some of the animals were quite successful at the sexy sex. Like this ape-mama, who was with child.

Her father was quite proud. As he should've been -- since he'll also be the father of the mini-ape. What a multi-tasker!

Everyone kept telling me that San Diego is the safest city in the U.S. I'm assuming they were not referring to sex, since I didn't see any sort of prophylactics being used. I'm just not sure how you can call a city that has SHARKS on the loose safe. 

Thankfully, just like in the photo I found on the internet..

The sealions were hanging out on the beach, away from the SHARK.

Still, with all the stress of steering clear of the SHARK, I was exhausted when I arrived home, and in need of some good comfort food. Last night was my bookclub meeting, and we read 
What is the What, which takes place in Africa. 

If only I'd gone to the African Lion Safari, I could've picked up some tips on what lions eat in Africa. Unfortunately, at the San Diego zoo, there were no lions. Or tigers. There were, however, bears. Like this polar bear, only he was eating something that didn't seem native to either Africa or the Arctic...

Anyway, throughout the course of the story, our main character, Achak, walked through Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia. Can you imagine what his feet looked like in the end? Clearly in dire need of a pedicure. 

At 12,837 pages, it was no cakewalk to read, but I suppose, easier than living through it. What was  a breeze was the African curry recipe I found to make!  In the course of one episode of Ellen, I prepped, cooked and cleaned up. That's my kind of meal. 

What is African curry and how is it different from Indian curry? I'm not sure. It may have been a typo on the recipe, actually, which is why, it's best to refer to it as Somalian Stew. Or Ghana Goulash. It's much more impressive that way. 


Bruno LoGreco said...

San Diego is my all time favorite destination. Beautiful, quiet, and a climate that is unbeatable. Excellent pictures of the animals.

Your picture of curry look divine and enticing enough for me to order in some Indian Curry for lunch. Not certain Africa makes curry, but then again, I'm not 100% certain myself.

Thank you - I will visit your blog daily.

Janine said...

Sheesh. Now I'm wishing for a man-toy and some delicious, delicious stew. It's gonna be a loooong day.