Monday, May 12, 2008

Is Strata so Seventies?

My stepmom came over for brunch yesterday for Mother's Day. My favourite brunch item is quiche, but I've been making it a lot lately so I decided to mix it up by making this Strata.

When I told one of my girlfriends, she laughed.

"It's really not that different, is it?" I confirmed with worry.

"It's like crustless quiche."

For me, the best thing about quiche is the filling. The pastry's really just a vehicle to hold it all together, isn't it? So what's so bad about crustless quiche?

Of course, my one error (okay I admit it, the first of two) was that the recipe called for "day-old" bread. But if you don't have bread, what do you do? All bread at the grocery store is at least a day old, but it's meant to last until the due date so is it really as "day-old" as it needs to be? I finally settled on a French loaf that felt slightly crustier than I otherwise would've been happy with if I'd wanted baked-fresh-today bread. I figured it would have to do. The other mistake was that even though I'd written down that I had to buy cream, I forgot, so I had to improvise with skim milk I had in the fridge. But that just made it healthy, right?

It turned out just fine (how can a casserole NOT turn out, really? It's not like it has any sort of shape to start with, but whawtever). I loved it (what's not to love about bread and cheese melted together?) and took about 10 minutes to make. AND you can make it the day before and just cook it right before you want to serve it. So why does anyone make quiche instead of strata?

And then it dawned on me.


Am I stuck in the wrong era without the right waistline on my apron?

I can't recall the last time Rachel or Martha or Nigella made strata.

Thankfully, I was making it for my stepmom and dad, who are always so appreciative (or rather, shocked) when I manage to cook something that's edible. They LOVED it. Although they did refer to it as Frittata not Strata, which really IS a crustless quiche (without the crusty bread cubes). I wasn't sure if they were trying to make me feel like I hadn't made a Seventies Strata or if they believed it was a Frittata and I KNOW Frittata's still relatively in this decade. Either way I went along with it and pretended it was even healthier without the added carbs that were actually inside.

What's your take on strata? And what did you do for Mother's Day?

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Alicia McAuley said...

I just came across a recipe for Roasted Red Pepper strata on the Wish website... So maybe strata is re-asserting itself as the new, hip thing to make? It looks delicious!